Cathryn Hartwell -
Cathryn Hartwell

Cathryn Hartwell

Broker, Realtor and Property Manager

A little about Cathryn Hartwell

and why she loves real estate

Cathryn’s background in teaching, catering and real estate sales gives her a unique perspective when it comes to fulfilling her customer’s needs.  She has established herself as a key member of the community by supporting, initiating and hosting several community events with local art groups and businesses for community, and networking. She has a keen interest in making her adopted home town becoming prosperous and successful.  Specializing in property management she helps her clients find the right properties to invest in, and she’ll be there with them all the way to see that these properties are made ready to rent while working within their budgets.   Cathryn can answer all of your property management questions, and keep you informed and updated of changing state and federal rules, regulations and policies.  She gives her client’s properties the same care and attention she would her own.  She feels that communication with her clients and their tenants is the most important tool in maintaining a healthy happy relationship.

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