Chatham Park -

Chatham Park

Chatham Park is a neighborhood that has been in the planning stage for years.   Chatham Park is located near Pittsboro and Jordan Lake.  It is seen as the next up and coming technology-area in The Triangle after Research Triangle Park.  The big difference between Chatham Park and RTP is that the new development will be a place for people to live, work and as the developers say, play!

Chatham Park

Chatham Park will be a mixed-use development on 7000 acres in Chatham County.  Chatham Park will be a business park and a place where people can live, walk to the kids to school, walk to work, shop and more.

The neighborhood is planned to have five different villages, each is supposed to be the size of Pittsboro, with many different home styles including single family homes and condos over retail space and restaurants in town.   A significant portion, nearly 2000 acres of Chatham Park, will be designated for parks and open spaces.  There will be about 50 miles of biking and walking trails with direct access to Jordan Lake and the Haw River.


The plan is expected to have 22,000 residential homes and 20 million square feet of business space and green space, or parks.  Chatham Park is thought that it will yield $154 billion for the Triangle.  At this point, this is a 40-year development plan.   It is thought that this development will boost Pittsboro’s population to greater than 60,000 people.

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