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Darryl Kendrick

Darryl Kendrick

Broker, Realtor

A little about Darryl Kendrick

and why he loves real estate

With my experience over the years, I have been exposed to a variety of People. One of my most important tools is my ability to relate to a wide spectrum of people and personalities and communicate with them on varying professional and personal levels. My education has only enhanced what my years of work exposure has given me. I am quite proficient in sheet metal fabrication, having been trained from an early age at metal specific tools and manufacturing processes. I have taken training in the Copper Industry and Roofing Industry Education as well. I have been given many opportunities in my work with Duke University as a contractor to meet challenges and accomplish feats I had never imagined. I have been given the responsibility of handling budgets, designing maintenance schedules and served as liaison for the University on many occasions and have served them well over the last 29+ years. I have over-seen large roof projects as an Inspector and Specifications Monitor. I have been given special projects to complete for at least 3 of the University Presidents. 

Most recently I noticed that most of the places we were either repairing or replacing roofs in the residential area have homes attached. And oftentimes they need transactional assistance when being bought or sold. This gave me another idea. So, I have endeavored to and completed my NC Real Estate Broker's Licensing and will be adding that to my daily professional efforts. I have framed homes, helped build homes, repaired nearly every facet of a home and exterior work. I have completed remodels in the past and just finished one this month. I feel I have an ability to ascertain and implement a plan to reach my customer's goals and as we work together we can fine tune the communications to reach the final solution, a new home or purchase for a family or investor.

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