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Glenn Simon

Glenn Simon

Broker, Realtor

A little about Glenn Simon

and why he loves real estate

Glenn Simon’s approach to helping clients purchase or sell property is a consultative one. He and his wife Yvonne relocated to the Triangle from Port Jefferson, NY 25 years ago in search of a more agreeable climate and lifestyle. The Triangle has proven to be a great destination, with high quality education, health care, cultural activities, and access to recreation.Glen knows the local market and neighborhoods well, and has over 15 years of real estate experience, including owning residential and commercial investment property. In addition to past careers in education and business, he also brings the experience of 25 years of home ownership that has involved a wide range of renovations, repairs, and updates. These life and property-related experiences provide a broad base of knowledge and good judgment that clients find helpful in making their important financial and real estate decisions.Glenn believes effective real estate representation is about guidance in weighing your options, evaluating, negotiating for the best deal, managing the details of the transaction with proven systems and technologies, and preventing problems from arising (and if something does come up, nipping it the bud). Glenn’s focus is always on responsive performance, knowing the numbers, creating successful outcomes, communicating effectively, minimizing stress, and treating others with honesty and respect along the way. Glenn believes it just doesn’t make sense to go it alone with so much at stake when buying or selling a home. He looks forward to earning your trust and business, and can provide you with letters of reference when you are ready to decide on a realtor to protect your best interests. Glenn has two school-age children and sits on two nonprofit boards, including an HOA, and enjoys being active in the outdoors. 

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