The North Carolina Home Buying Process Flow Chart -
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The North Carolina Home Buying Process Flow Chart

Many first time home buyers and seasoned home buyers are not completely sure of all of the steps in the home buying process in North Carolina  Real Estate Experts has outlined the process in detail in the following flow chart. Many people are unclear about such things as when they should talk to a lender and how the due diligence process works in North Carolina.  Every State has different laws and rules.  The flow chart below outlines in detail the home buying process in North Carolina.

We have also built two resources that explain the due diligence process in North Carolina. One is a video explaining the process and on the web site there is detail in writing that explains What is a due diligence contract.  Please also look on the site for additional resources such as what to consider when purchasing new construction and don’t miss our Home Buyers Guide.

We understand the many questions and concerns of home buyers and how this information will be helpful throughout the transaction. We assure you that it is our goal to provide the most professional and informative service available. Always call us whenever you have a question. We are here to help!

The Home Buying Process In North Carolina

North Carolina Home Buying ProcessThe Home Buying Process in North Carolina