Purchasing New Construction

Why should I use an agent to purchase a new-construction home?

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The advantages of having us help you purchase a new home are the same as those for purchasing a resale home. We can provide you with valuable insight into the new construction industry, help you find the perfect home quickly, and then provide you with expertise in contract writing, negotiation, and closing assistance. The builder has a professional real estate representative who watches out for his or her best interests, and you need and deserve the same expert representation watching out for yours.

Buying a new home is a little more difficult and time-consuming than buying a resale home. We can professionally guide you through this process. Having spent years working with builders, Team Jodi has a rapport with them and a database of information about subdivisions, floor plans, etc. Team Jodi is also very familiar with new home warranties and the nuances of the builder’s purchase contracts and various home inspections.

It is very important that your interests be professionally represented when you are entering into a contract for a semi-custom or a build-to-suit home. These transactions are complex and the contract details must be exactly in order to protect you and to ensure that you get exactly the home you want!

And when it comes to the home inspection, we will explain to you why it is essential to hire an independent home inspector to thoroughly inspect a newly constructed home.

Are there any advantages to not using an agent to purchase a new home?

There is no financial advantage for you to buy directly from the builder. Builders have a “single price” policy, meaning that you will be charged the same price whether your interests are represented by an agent or not. Just as in any resale, the seller pays your agent’s fee. Most builders will make you give up your right to representation if you visit their model homes without an agent on the first visit. Therefore, please call us if you would like to look at some model homes, so you are given the representation you deserve!