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Read our many positive testimonials. At Real Estate Experts, getting client reviews is critical. We have worked with hundreds of over the years. As you will see and read below, we are dedicated to bringing the highest quality service possible to our clients. We go above and beyond at every turn to make sure that everything is right during every phase of the transaction. We are creative, out of the box thinkers, when we negotiate and list homes for sale. We are dedicated to getting the job done right and to making sure our clients are happy.

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Karyn Cho

Investor Buyer working with Karyn Cho:

“Every house Karyn help me buy has a story, we laugh, we wonder, and she close a good deal. Wonderful person, SHE CARES!” Patricia Rodriguez , Durham NC” – Patricia Rodriguez

First-time Home Buyers:

Karyn made buying my first house easy. She was clear to talk to and made the whole process way easier than I expected.” – John Durham

Buyer Turned Seller in Mebane:

“Karyn Cho is incredibly responsive, courteous, and professional. She absolutely has her clients’ interests at the top of her mind and works tirelessly to represent those interests appropriately. Karyn communicates very clearly and helps clients understand and anticipate critical factors that arise during the exchange of real estate. We have now had the pleasure of both buying and selling property with Karyn, and we would certainly seek out her expertise in future endeavors if we need assistance with buying/selling in her coverage area again.” – Jonathan

From Ohio to NC and Illinois to NC, Buyers’ experience with Karyn Cho:

“Karyn worked with us for several months to find just the right home for our retirement. Since we were relocating from another state, we relied on her knowledge of the area and expertise. She was always available and her attention to detail made the buying experience from offer to closing go smoothly. We looked at dozens of homes over a period of months and she never lost patience with us. Her professionalism and ethics are second to none. She is a joy to be around and that is just an extra bonus. We would recommend her without reservation to anyone in need of real estate services.” – Blackburns, Ohio to Rougemont NC

“Working with Karyn was a joy! We were moving to North Carolina from Illinois and Karyn made the process extremely easy for us. She is very knowledgeable about the area and a great negotiator! Karyn also handled everything for us with regard to the home inspection, well & septic, etc. We arrived in North Carolina on the day that we closed on our house and we didn’t have anything to worry about. Karyn kept in close contact with us while we were still in Illinois and I could always count on her to give me any and all information straight. I would recommend Karyn to anyone who is looking for a hard-working, honest, knowledgeable and responsive Realtor.” – Harmons, Illinois to Hillsborough NC

“In the first week we put our house on the market, Jodi Bakst brought us several offers. Of course, we took the best offer and that was more than the asking price. We also purchased a house Jodi found for us. Because of Jodi’s professionalism, attention to detail, fast response time and follow through, we are never afraid to recommend her Jodi to others. In fact, Jodi has sold and found houses for several of our friends. We just direct them to for excellent service.” – Jan Farkas & Bruce Wassel

“What an effort on your part to get us out of the state! We made a huge decision to change our lives and it meant selling our unique home and property. Did you know we first called and emailed Ida Terbit because we were told she was the best in the business? She never even responded. We interviewed five agents before choosing you. We thought you might want to know what put you on top.

First and foremost was your presentation. Holy cow, were we ever impressed. We weren’t getting an agent…we were getting a team. Then you kept your promise with regular updates. Then, not one, but two open houses. Furthermore, we always had enough notice to prep before showings of which there were thirteen – in only two months. The first potential buyers who walked through the door – the same day the house went on the market – ended up buying the place, but not to worry, we even had a backup offer waiting. This can happen when all your information is presented on the market at once. We had gorgeous color brochures with professional photographs and room by room descriptions, a really thorough web representation, lock box, signs, and even an 800 information line you could call for the juicy details (which then sent a page to your team so that you could follow up on every lead). Oh, and lets not forget the interior design specialist you brought to our home to make suggestions on how to make rooms look roomier and more inviting.

We actually got more than we intially thought the house would even list for (after all, your suggested sell price was $100,000 more than any other agent interviewed!). Team Jodi, that only happens when you have someone who can take a unique piece of property and do their homework to come up with a sell price that won’t place you out of the buyer’s market while truely giving you what the place is worth. Three months after meeting you we were in Missouri, and our home was due to close a week later. It happened. Beyond all expectations. Difficult Buyers were only the start of the hurdles you helped us over.

So, thanks. For everything. And we do mean everything. Your teamwork put you over the top. Your professionalism and knowledge of the business and the industry as a whole is unmatched in our eyes. We sincerely hope you will come for a visit soon at our resort in Missouri. God knows you deserve a vacation. Thank you Thank you Thank you! You will succeed in all your endeavors, you care so much about every detail. How could you possibly fail?!” – Richard and Cami Gilman

“We recently built our dream house and sold our first home. When we bought our first home we used Team Jodi and our experience went from frightening to smooth. Three years later Team Jodi did it again. They helped us through the complexities of building a house and sold our house quickly, despite significant competition in the neighborhood. The 6 other houses on the market are still for sale. Team Jodi is proactive, knowledgeable and they take care of more details then you can imagine. We have a new baby and my husband has a demanding job. Without Team Jodi we never would have been able to pull off building our new home or selling the old one. Thank you for all you have done.” – Testimonial from Jack Weiss – Buyer in Chapel Hill

“Jodi Bakst recently served as my agents in purchasing a home in the Chapel Hill area. In all respects their performance was
superb and their efforts on my behalf went far beyond anything I expected. Although this was my first home purchase, Jodi’s
attention to details made the process nearly painless for me. I say “nearly” because the sellers of the house on which I made an offer did
their best to make things difficult. Initially they refused to address the serious structural defects that had turned up during the routine
inspection of their house. But confronted with the array of experts that Jodi lined up for me, the sellers eventually had no choice but
to capitulate and carry out the structural repairs. Later, during negotiations when it appeared that the deal was going to founder on the
cost of one remaining requested repair, Jodi and Joe, assuming the role of Solomon, agreed to split the difference for the amount in contention with the sellers, paying for part of the repair out of their own pockets to ensure that the deal went through (dumbfounding the sellers and their agent in the process)!

Perhaps Jodi’s finest moment came a few days before the scheduled closing date. The sellers, electing to play hardball again,
announced that they were reneging on their promise to repair and replace a number of defective windows. Even though it jeopardized their
commission and the couple of hundred dollars of their own money that had already been spent on repairs, Jodi unhesitatingly told me that
in their opinion thought the sellers were acting egregiously and that I should just walk away from the deal…which is what I did.

Needless to say, the sellers and their agent, perhaps recognizing that they were out of their league in dealing with Jodi, quickly
backed down. All my requested repairs were made and I am now the owner of a home in the condition that I expected.

Friends to whom I’ve told this story are amazed. Their own experience with real estate agents in buying and selling homes had led them to
believe that the majority of them are incompetent or crooked or both. If So, then Jodi Bakst is a clear exceptions to the rule. Her refreshingly honest approach to real estate transactions could go a long way toward resurrecting the reputation of an entire industry.”
– Jack Weiss, August 16, 2002

“Selling a home could be a daunting task. However, The J2 Team effectively marketed our town home so that it was appealing, priced correctly, and targeted to the right buyers. They understand the emotional aspects of selling ones’ home and are courteous, professional, offered excellent advice during negotiations, and took care of all the details that a typical homeowner could overlook. Not only did our home sell extremely fast, they ensured we meet our financial goals, and alleviated every possible hassle to make this an easy transaction.” – Skot Smith

“Jodi, thanks so much for everything! We love the property, location and price. Thank you for making our experience such a pleasant and professional one. We look forward to working with you in the future since you are our Broker for life.” – Cindi & Al Leopold

“I contacted Jodi because I had a referral. Someone I know has a friend who buys and sells houses as a business. And he will only use Jodi as his real estate agent. Jodi consulted with us about each step, and then we did exactly what she suggested. She knows good contractors and we used them for repairs etc. The house was sold within 7 weeks of going on the market.” – Carolyn T.

“The sale of this house was a huge success. The sellers explain how pricing and staging a house properly will get your house sold. When selling our house in Durham, we researched and interviewed several realtors. Of those we talked to Jodi was the most relaxed and easy going but professional with an upbeat and positive attitude.
Jodi was willing to make the listing a collaborative effort and between all involved we believe the listing was outstanding. Pictures and text were shared and massaged into a true representation of the property. The property was not a typical one and in fact had no comparables or precedents locally. Despite this issue, an asking price was set that turned out to be excellent; higher than others suggested but “priced right to sell”. As a result, the house showed around 23 times in 2 weeks and received a full asking price offer at the end of 2 weeks. Backup offers were also pending. Quite amazing in a slow market. No, we do not feel at all that it was underpriced. Throughout the process of “listing through closing”, Jodi did an excellent job of keeping us thoroughly informed in a timely manner of every issue, step, and detail. Since we hadn’t sold a house in 30 years, this was essential and made the process easier. Our experience with Team Jodi was truly excellent and as smooth as selling a home can be. We are truly satisfied with the entire procedure from beginning to end. My wife and I would choose Team Jodi again if possible and highly recommend them.”
– Al and Dee Judd

“Karyn did everything in her power to help us find our home, she talked us through every tiny detail and never hesitated to be flexible with her time, schedule and even what and where we wanted (which changed a few times to say the least) and when things got a bit delayed during the loan approval process, she stayed on top of everything behind the scenes to make sure it all went through as quickly as possible. Will be recommending her to EVERYONE!” – Staffords, Raleigh NC

Experienced Buyer at Bright Leaf in Durham:

“I recently had the pleasure of closing on a townhouse with the assistance of Karyn Cho. She walked me through every step of the process: finding a great community with the amenities I desired, finding the exact size townhouse with the features I needed, securing a loan, and having the townhouse inspected during various phases of construction. Since the townhouse was new construction and being a man with no imagination or creative thought, Karyn was able to help me pick out colors, features and upgrades so that on closing day I had the exact man-cave I wanted.
Three outstanding qualities Karyn possesses are: the ability to listen to me and help me define exactly what I was looking for in a house, her patience and flexibility in dealing with my irregular work schedule as I was out of town during the majority of the construction, and representing me in dealings with the builder. Throughout the entire process I had the complete confidence that Karyn was looking out for my best interests.
This was the fifth home I have purchased and it has been by far the best new construction and closing I have experienced.”
– Glenn Gay

“Jodi was wonderful to work with and never lost her humor or tireless energy through the months it took to find the right house. There are things you can expect from any realtor, but Jodi always went the extra mile, which made all the difference in getting a great house in suich a competitive market. I heard about potential houses just before or as they went on the market, as she always had her eyes out for what I wanted, and I was the first one through most of the places I went to see. And this was only the beginning. This was my first house, and I saw how difficult the process could potentially be from the time you put find what you want through the time you actually move. Jodi had reliable, great advice and resources every step of the way which made things smooth and easy. She was there with quiet reminders about things that needed to be done in order to move the process along. After moving in, she has been there with names and numbers of great people to work with for the various things you want to do with your house. Jodi not only knows her job well, she’s totally committed to providing a seamless service. There are always unpredictable things that arise somewhere along the way, but she was always there to help provide whatever I needed, and more. Thanks so much Jodi!” – Shelah Bloom

“We recently relocated across the country and were concerned that it would take quite a while to find the right house, but Team Jodi made the process easy for us. Jodi is the consummate professional, very bright and knowledgeable about the local market, accessible, efficient, and friendly. She provided excellent counsel while giving us the space we needed to make our decisions. For every issue that arose, her follow-up was immediate and thorough. It was a pleasure to work with her and we look forward to working with her again in the future.” – Lisa & JB

“I am writing this letter to thank you for the wonderful service you provided in the sale of my home in Lake Home Farms and the purchase of my new home in Falls of New Hope. I have never worked with an agent that was so available, so patient and conscientious. In the past after I have signed the contract with an agent I felt like I rarely saw them. You called me just to check in! You also handled every difficulty with diplomacy and the utmost professionalism. You new how to sell my home and sell it fast! I also felt very safe buying a home and that you wouldn’t sell me any property but were as concerned about quality and meeting my needs as I was. I will highly recommend you and Team Jodi to anyone needing a top notch agent!” – Bonnie Kielwasser

“We are very grateful to Jodi Bakst and her team for helping us sell our house on the terms we wanted after only one week. The marketing plan and preparation of our house for showing were done beautifully, and up until closing every time I asked “Please, take care of this,.” – Nancy S.

“Jodi Bakst with Team Jodi Realty was a great partner throughout the entire process of selling our home. Her advice to have the house pre-inspected and staged really helped to sell our home quickly. Jodi coordinated everything from appointments with a stager, an inspector and handymen of all specialties needed. I would like to point out that Jodi is very well connected and getting timely appointments was no problem. Everybody delivered extraordinary quality.

Jodi and her Team put all available marketing instruments to perfect use, she represented our house with great pictures and information. It is much to Jodi’s great work that our house sold in December 2011 after only being on the market for eight weeks. We would highly recommend Jodi Bakst as your real estate agent in the Durham-Chapel Hill area.” – Elmar and Tina Merkle Sellers in Ironwoods in Chapel Hill

Testimonial from Mary and Tom Ward – Sellers in Hope Creek in Durham

“We are so happy we found Jodi. She is not only a 21st Century broker she is an excellent communicator and compassionate. We only worked with Jodi for a few weeks when our house sold. We had been on the market with another realtor for six months and had very little feedback during that time. Jodi gave us access to everything we needed to be successful in the selling process.” – Testimonial from Cara and Eric Edwards – Buyers in Heartland Grove in N. Chatham County

“We are so deeply grateful to you for the incredible work that you have done to allow us to find the perfect home for our family. I will never forget this experience for many reasons, but most of all because of your professionalism and support throughout the entire process. We could not be more appreciative of the guidance you provided for one of the most important and meaningful purchases of our lives. You have our highest regards and recommendation, although we know that we can never truly repay you for what you have done for us.” – Testimonial from Jeff & Tracy – Sellers & Buyers

“We would recommend the J-Squared Team to anyone trying to sell a home. The team did a tremendous marketing job using a variety of media & the most current technologies to attract buyers in- and out-of-state. They provided detailed data that helped us set a fair price for our home. They were organized, thorough, and highly professional. They were calm when we were stressed, they communicated with us frequently, and were always available by phone. In essence, they made the whole experience as pleasant as possible. Thank you!” – David & Ann Molpus

“I want to express my great appreciation to your team for the very professional, and considerate way in which you represented Teresa and me in the recent listing of our home. The advice and the aides that you provided on the front end of the sales process proved to be invaluable, and the counsel that you gave throughout the process was very helpful.

I want you to know, though, that I will never forget your “beyond the call of duty” efforts after we received an erroneous report. All of the work that you and Joe did on our behalf was quite impressive. I never expected that kind of initiative by real estate agents — but you did not hesitate to step up on our behalf. I also want you to know that I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking a real estate professional!” – Stick Williams

“Jodi & Joe were wonderful. My home sold for full price in only nine days. Their preparation made all the difference.” – Dorothea Baker – Briarcliff

“As first time home buyers, we had many anxieties. The J2 Team held our hand and guided us easily through the process. Their international experience and cultural understanding were a great help. We don’t think we could have asked for more. For us, the J2 team started as realtors, but quickly became good friends. We love our new home.” – Ratna & Madhav Swaminathan – Parkside