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I’m Jordan Lee… I’m one of those few absurdly lucky people who loves their job so much that, most days, it doesn’t feel like work at all. I am a seasoned veteran having spent nearly two decades in the real estate industry with more than 1,100+ sales and $600M in volume. I am consistently in the top 25 Realtors out of the thousands of others in the area.

This is your life. A home is the setting where your story is going to unfold. This is not just buying and selling property – it’s setting
the background of your life. It is a tremendous privilege to walk by your side and provide you with my time, knowledge and expertise as I give you advice that will simplify a very complicated process. You get what you focus on – and a
good attitude is everything! I believe in people – taking the time to listen, to understand, and to help in the exact way I’m needed. I believe in serving you with excellence by giving you the benefit of decades of experience having sold more than a thousand homes. I am here to help. This is my home – I’ll help make it yours.