Acorns: My Favorite Piggy Bank Is Getting A Fantastic Return!

The Acorns app has been my favorite way to save and invest money since 2020.


It’s always a good idea to save and invest in platforms that offer a reliable return on your investment. One of my favorite digital piggy banks is Acorns, which I’ve been using since 2020 to grow my savings.

I like Acorns because it simplifies saving and investing by automatically rounding up my debit card purchases and depositing the change into my investment account. I also make regular deposits each week on top of the roundups. It is a simple way to save without too much effort. These small investments have already grown into a significant amount, and it only cost me about $9 for a premium account. 

“These small investments have already grown into a significant amount.”

My current balance sits at $8,837.92, and the app projects a future value of over $830,000 by the time I reach 92. (This just in: As of today, my current balance sits at $9,622.17, reflecting a return of over 20%) 

It has good long-term investment potential, especially considering that the market can fluctuate, and it has been down for a couple of days now. I also find it flexible since I can choose to leave my savings to grow until I retire or withdraw them for a vacation or other expenses. 

Overall, I recommend Acorns as a digital piggy bank, and if you are interested in learning more about it or want to try it out, I can send you a link to join. Feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected]; I’ll be happy to help.