Carolina North Update

This past Wednesday, the Chapel Hill Town Council members and members of the UNC-Chapel Hill’s Board of Trustees disagreed over what should be done with the remaining 750 acres of the 1,000 acre Carolina North site.  UNC plans to build an academic and research campus on 250 acres of the site, but would not agree to permanently preserve the remaining 750 acres of land as many on the Town Council want. 

I live across the street from this tract of land.  It is a very beautiful piece of property with wonderful walking, mountain biking and running trails.  It is actually more property than UNC currently sits on.  That is an amazing fact.  It is my hope that as UNC develops this property, the beautiful and peaceful trails are preserved. 

The Innovation Center, Carolina North’s first building, will likely receive an up or down vote at the Town Council meeting on January 26.  To hear audio of the exchange between UNC Board of Trustees chairman Roger Perry and Mayor Pro Tem Jim Ward, click here. (From WCHL 1360AM)