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remodeling plan

Tackle them with a remodeling plan…

Remodeling and renovation projects are two great ways to improve the living quality in your home. They also help improve price, comfort, and value of your home! Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

What you might not like the sound of is the organization or financial burden of actually getting a head start on these projects. It can be disconcerting to think about much much money you’re going to put into a project, for sure. But, where there’s a will there’s a way!

The best way to begin tackling a remodeling or home improvement project is with your budget. This financial plan is important because it’s the deciding factor on what materials you choose, how in depth the project is, and it can help you set the boundaries for your project and design. When you’re factoring in everything you want to accomplish in your remodeling, it’s important to include these outlines and potential costs:remodeling plan

  • Size of project or project location ex. Square footage of bathroom, or counter tops
  • Materials of project ex. Granite for counter-tops, stainless steel for appliances
  • Open space in the project area
  • Existing furniture or objects in the project area
  • Already implemented plumping or electrical wiring because they can affect any additions to the project area

So, let’s discuss some ways to tackle renovation and remodeling projects on a budget, and get those projects finished!

Remodeling Your Bathrooms

HomeAdvisor offers a tool that can estimate local remodeling costs. Here’s an overview of bathroom remodeling in the 27514 area code of North Carolina.

Courtesy of HomeAdvisor

Step one: create both your financial plan and design plan. Even if you’re not hiring a designer, you’ll still need a plan to accomplish your remodeling projects. However when it comes to getting a return on your investments, fewer renovations are better (in many cases, not just bathrooms!).Consider remodeling the fixtures, flooring, plumbing, and electrical. While plumbing and electrical may be more expensive than simply remodeling the fixtures or flooring, they may provide resale value later on.

Hiring a contractor to help with the remodeling is beneficial because you can get materials through them, at lesser costs. Upgrading fixtures in your bathroom like a sink, faucet, toilet, or tub helps modernize bathrooms. You can update them to match the style of the house, or create a private oasis tucked into your home. One concept to consider as you’re remodeling is “going green”. Are there facets of your bathroom you can exchange for “green” ones? For example, you could install a new toilet that uses less water when flushed in order to conserve water.

Flooring, however, will be largely subject to your budget. One thing to keep in mind while looking at flooring is the square footage of your bathroom. Knowing the square footage of your bathroom can help you pick and choose which fixtures to splurge on and what materials to choose for your flooring. This is important, too, if you’re expanding the bathroom.


Remodeling Your Kitchen

Updated kitchens are incredible. They’re personalized, they’re efficient, and overall they pull a house theme together. Besides, remodeling your kitchen adds value to your home, if you’re preparing to sell. Let’s look at remodeling costs for kitchens in North Carolina’s 27514 area code.

remodeling plan

Courtesy of HomeAdvisor

Of course, the cost of your kitchen remodeling depends on what your project details are. In your remodeling plan, be sure to include what you’re going to update or remodel, like the cabinets, counter-tops, fixtures, and appliances. Armed with your budget, you’ll be able to pick the best materials for your project.

If finding new cabinets you adore and can afford within your budget is difficult, you can work with what you’ve got. Refinishing your cabinets and repainting them is a great way to update your kitchen without shelling out a lot of money. Appliances, on the other hand, are more expensive. One way to diminish the cost of new kitchen appliances is to opt for freestanding appliances instead of built-in. However, built-in appliances can help maximize smaller spaces to improve functionality, so they may provide good resale value with the home.

Counter-top material options are seemingly endless, but don’t worry. We make sense of what’s in for the kitchen by going over all the latest options like concrete, soapstone, and granite.

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