Is it a Buyers or Sellers Market in Durham?

Last week I posted the chart below to show that interest rates are truly at an all time low.  With rates as low as they are, this is the time to take advantage by either refinancing your home or purchasing a new home. 

Please note that if you can reduce the rate on your mortgage by a full point, it is really worth considering refinancing. 

Mortgage Rates – A 10 Year History

Here are todays updated mortgage rates:

 CONFORMING                                                        JUMBO (Over $417 Loan Amt)

30 Yr Fixed    4.25%                                                  30 Yr Fixed   5.375%

15 Yr Fixed    3.75%                                                  15 Yr Fixed   4.875%

30 Yr Fixed (FHA)     4.25%                                     7/1 Arm         4.75%

7/1 Arm           3.5%                                                   3/1 Arm         4.375%

5/1 Arm           3.25% 

Last week I reported on the inventory in Chapel Hill which showed the existence of quite a buyers market.  This week I want to show you what is going on in Durham. 

In Durham, there is about 7 months of inventory on the market for houses priced between $100,000 to $400,000.  This is a balanced inventory but I truly think that more than 5 months of inventory is starting to tip the scales in favor of the buyer.

There is 10-12 months of inventory for houses priced between $400,000 to $600,000. 

There is more than 12 months of inventory in Durham for homes priced above $600,000.  Houses price above $600,000 are in the extreme buyers market category. 

If you look at the numbers below, there is far more inventory in Durham priced below $400,000 than above.  Overall, the market is balance in Durham.  

Given that mortgage rates are so good right now and there is still great inventory on the market, it is worth evaluating your options to buy. 

Durham July 2010 Single Family Home Sales By Price Range

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