Amazing Personal Safety Technology By Wearsafe – Don’t Miss This

Personal safety has always been important and today more than ever, we need to make sure our safety and the safety of our loved once is protected.  As we move forward and technology continues to advance we are going to see more and more devices that help us live our lives, stay safe, and even help us order our groceries.

One amazing new technology in the safety realm is Wearsafe. This personal safety technology makes it simple to communicate in a bad or scary situation. If you’re hurt or in danger, you can’t always count on being able to find, unlock and dial your phone to call for help. At the first sign of trouble, pressing the Wearsafe Tag keeps you a step ahead of the situation.

Personal Safety Technology by Wearsafe – How It Works

Wearsafe uses the power of your phone to alert friends and family, sends them audio from the scene and starts a live chat room where they can coordinate a response or call 911. All while keeping your phone—your lifeline—out of sight.  All you have to do is press the button on your Wearsafe tag and it will activate the record button on your phone WITHOUT turning on the light.  It will also notify the people you have put in your network that you are in an unsafe situation and through the APP it will show them your location.

Wearsafe is packed with amazing safety features that you will appreciate, and be thankful for when and if the time comes. Features include “On-scene Audio” so that your trusted circle can hear what’s happening as it happens—no need to guess what’s wrong. It also offers “Wearsafe Rewind” which captures what led up to the situation with audio from 60 seconds before you pressed the Tag. One more amazing feature is the “Real-time Feedback” which lets the wearer know help is coming by silently vibrating each time someone gets your alert. This is a truly awesome product and should be something to check out in 2017.

The Virtual Situation Room

This part of the technology is truly smart and it goes to show that this team put a lot of hard work and dedication into how they were going to solve the issue of safety, and how best to get help to a person when in need. By continually collaborating with top security experts, users, students, designers, and engineers, they have created a personal safety solution that fits the way we live today. Let’s get back to the “Virtual Situation Room” and explain to you that once your friends and family receive your alert, the Wearsafe app gives them a private, live chat room where they can talk to one another, see who else has viewed the alert, figure out where everyone is located in relation to you and coordinate a response in real-time. If that doesn’t make your hair stand up, then I don’t know what will. Being able to coordinate a response to help a loved one in need could be the difference between speaking to them again and not. In dangerous situations every second counts, and this technology could be a life saver.

Why Wearsafe over other products?

Speed of use, sharing of critical information like live audio, and the ability to coordinate in order to send the best response,personal safety with wearsafe sets Wearsafe apart from any other personal safety system. Wearsafe says that it offers the smartest, most effective personal safety technology in the world, and it will allow you — and the people you care about — to live more confidently every day. The Wearsafe Tag has a range of up to 200 feet — so you don’t have to pull out your phone to call for help. During an emergency, the last thing you want to do is fumble through your phone’s password, dial an emergency number, and try to tell an emergency service where you are and what kind of help you need. In addition to plenty of helpful focus groups, they went through three highly selective University accelerator programs, conducted extensive beta tests with actual users, and made sure Wearsafe Tag got into the hands of over a thousand users before going to market.

What is very cool about this company, you can try the product for FREE!

Our thoughts on Wearsafe

In a time when life is so fast paced, and the planet is more populated than ever —safety becomes more important than ever. Technology is all around us, some doing us good, some doing us bad. That’s life though, gotta take the good with the bad. We have found the good in Wearsafe Tag and believe it to be a great new technology in the safety sector. As a real estate agent this technology sounds like a game changer.  But, this technology is important for everyone:  our daughters, our sons, our friends and our colleagues.  I recently heard about this at the Inman Conference I was attending and knew I had to tell the my team and you.

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