Selling a Home in Probate

A probate home sale can seem like an intimidating process. It’s certainly not a simple transaction, and it can cause strain on a family, but when you hire a top-notch, experienced loc66386-425x282-Last_Will_and_Testamental real estate professional, the process will be far easier for you. At Real Estate Experts, our team of seasoned Realtors have years of experience selling homes in probate, and are familiar with the intricacies of the process in North Carolina.

Probate is a court procedure used to determine a will’s validity and any creditor’s claims, as well as identify the beneficiaries. If the validity of a will is in question, then after a person passes away, an administrator is appointed by the court. The administrator is appointed by the court to take possession of the property until probate is finalized. If the will has appointed a particular custodian, then that person is known as the executor, the person responsible for managing of the probate estate. Such management duties include preparing an inventory, paying bills, filing taxes, and distributing the estate after a court order is obtained.

When you are ready to sell a probate home, it is crucial to select a Realtor that is familiar with probate, its legal procedures, and its contracts. At Real Estate Experts, we specialize in probate sales and work with a stellar team of trusted and highly-skilled professionals, including appraisers, estate liquidators, cleaners, painters, handymen, locksmiths, and gardeners. We work directly with attorneys to determine the most efficient, cost-effective way to administer the probate sale process. We update our attorneys and clients on a regular basis to ensure complete compliance with the estate’s wishes, as well as County and State requirements.

In order to market your property for maximum exposure and resale, Real Estate Experts will perform the following tasks:

  • Price your home competitively to “open the market” versus “narrowing the market,” and powerfully negotiate the highest dollar value between you and the buyers.
  • Submit your property to our local County Multiple Listing Services and dozens of sites on line including Zillow, Trulia, & with full-color digital photos and a virtual tour.
  • Market your property online as a featured listing on our new and improved website,, as well as social media networks.
  • Add additional exposure through a professional sign and lock-box.
  • Stay consistently updated on recent showings, buyer feedback, and current market conditions.
  • Work with our partners at Cunningham & Company Mortgage Bankers to verify a prospective buyer’s ability to qualify for the loan amount, as well mortgage, title, and other closing procedures.
  • Deliver your check at closing.

Choose Real Estate Experts and allow us to simplify for you the complicated process of selling a probate property. We employ the most effective techniques in negotiating, marketing, and delegating skills specifically designed for probate. Again, our solid grasp of the technical aspects of probate real estate are designed to maximize the highest profit for your estate.  Click here for more information about how Real Estate Experts handles probate listings.

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