All About Stone Veneer

stone veneer

Stone can be stunning, whether you find it in your living room on your fire place, or as part of the exterior for your home. But stone, much like brick, can be very expensive. They’re solid materials, giving your home a truly sturdy exterior. Not to mention, stone and brick add to curb appeal and naturally, increase the aesthetics of your home.

stone veneerWith time, both brick and stone can change colors, wear with the weather, and even break down. They’re not waterproof, and occasionally drainage can present a problem with stone exteriors.

Real stone truly is beautiful, but the drawbacks make it a difficult material. Fortunately, alternatives are becoming more available. Meet stone veneer: manufactured to look like real stone without the drawbacks.

About Stone Panels

stone veneerThis siding material is becoming increasingly popular. Combining all the aesthetic perks of stone, with none of the drawbacks? Sign us up. The convenience of this material has helped boost its popularity, and thanks to its versatility that popularity is only going to increase.

Although stone panels (veneers, siding, or otherwise) are man-made, they look authentic. These panels, veneers, or sidings are made in a similar fashion, using natural materials, aggregates, cements, and iron-oxide pigments. To create the right design, the mixture of ingredients are set in a mold designed after natural stones. Essentially, you can dictate what color you’d like, the shape, and the overall look of your stone panel. Convenience, accessibility, versatility, and the same stunning look make stone panels, veneers, or otherwise a good option.

Benefits of Stone Veneer or Panels

As you can guess, there are benefits of using stone veneer, or stone panels on both the exterior and on the interior of your home.

Convenience can truly be a big factor here. Stone veneers or panels are much lighter than natural stone material. Brick is heavy, too. Being able to move panels around and install them quickly. Some stone needs further support, and it makes the installation time even longer. With stone veneer or panels, the extra support isn’t necessary.

Price is a benefit, too. Brick and stone are expensive, making this lighter alternative more and more attractive. It can run about $3-$4 per square foot, which is less expensive than natural stone which can run upwards of $8 per square foot. Also, with stone or brick you have to pay an additional fee for the grout and mortar. You may also be charged an installation fee from the contractor who would be installing the brick or stone on or in your home.

With brick and stone, there is necessary regular maintenance. However, with stone veneer or panels there isn’t any need for regular maintenance. Durability, convenience, and price are all benefits you’ll get with stone veneer. What’s more? There’s real stone used in this siding, giving it the same look and feel.

“It’s a durable, long-lasting product, but there are still things to watch out for,” says Lesh, executive director of the American Society of Home Inspectors. “It has to be installed the correct way, and among subcontractors—of even some big builders—unfortunately this isn’t always the case.”

Stone Exteriors Do Need Double-Checking

Although stone veneer is durable and has many pros, Lesh’s words are a good reminder that regular care and proper attention should be paid to your home. Because stone veneer is porous, it can be subject to problems like water damage and mold from bad installation. This is why it’s very important to have a reputable contractor or knowledgeable installation. Water damage can be prevented. If you’d like to have your siding looked at, please feel free to get in touch with Real Estate Experts. We have good relationships with local contractors and builders who can help answer all your questions about exterior siding, stone veneer, and installation.

Which is Right For You?

Adding stone veneer to the outside of your home, or installing it above a fireplace can really update a house. Thanks to how lightweight stone veneer is, it can be installed just about anywhere. Giving your home, living room, or bonus room a rustic update might be just the ticket to attract the perfect buyer.

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