Neighborhood Spotlight: Wetrock Farm

Wetrock Farm Neighborhood

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You’ve heard of farm-to-table eating; how about farm-to-table living? That’s what residents of Wetrock Farm, a new 230-acre community being built around a working farm and over 100 acres of preserved open space, will be able to enjoy! The neighborhood will be located in northern Durham County at the intersection of North Roxboro Road and Preston Andrews Road, just 20 minutes from Downtown Durham. The Wetrock Farm Community will include nutritional food, outdoor activities, limited stress, and enjoyable fitness.

For those passionate about the environment, locally grown food, and green living, Wetrock Farm is an ideal place to live. The community will feature 141 lots with wooded backdrops ranging in price from $275,000 to $899,000. A group of smaller lots will form a walkable village around an 8.5-acre organic community farm (run by a lead farmer) that will produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the three-season growing period in North Carolina. Residents of the community will have first choice of fresh food from the farm, with the remainder being sold at the farm’s onsite stand and to area restaurants. The farm will also include laying hens, a petting zoo, and education programs. Residents will have the opportunity to assist in the running of the farm.

Wetrock Farm Plan Rendering


Developer and majority owner Rick Bagel founded Wetrock Resources, LLC in 2008 to implement sustainable land development concepts in the Southeast. Bagel graduated from Duke University with a B.S. in Economics and is a member of Urban Land Institute, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, and the NC Agritourism Networking Association. “It just seemed really appropriate for this area because Durham-Chapel Hill has such a strong local food scene,” said Bagel. “It’s also perfect for this property.”

Wetrock Farm Location

Durham has become well-known for its restaurant scene and was named  “America’s Foodiest Small Town”  by Bon Appetit magazine, “The South’s Tastiest Town” by Southern Living magazine, and “The Foodie Capital of the South” by the New York Post, among others. The empty tobacco fields that lay dormant for years near Durham will now be used to provide fresh local ingredients to these restaurants.

A major aspect of the Wetrock Farm vision is a community where residents engage and interact regularly, working, learning, and playing together. Wetrock Farm will include an emphasis on social events to foster a lifelong sense of community. Examples include an outdoor gathering space for residents and families (picnics, bonfires), scheduled events, intergenerational opportunities to learn ecology and horticulture; and the opportunity to share with neighbors a new connection to nature. Other amenities will include gorgeous scenery; recreation areas, such as walking trails; a natural habitat for native plants and animals; and a commitment to block any potential future developments. Over 70% of the total land area will be conserved in its natural, forested state.

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