What Do Buyer Agents Really Do?

What do buyer agents really do? To give you an idea, I made a list of every task we take care of from the beginning of the home sale process to the end. Between meeting a new client and handing them the keys to their new home, there are 60 items on this list (some of which we do repeatedly).

What Do Buyer Agents Really Do? My list:

  1. Buyer needs assessment
  2. Explain Agency – how Realtors work with buyers and sellers
  3. Explain commissions and how Realtors earn their money
  4. Explain the Offer to Purchase and Contract and how to construct a competitive offer
  5. Set up auto search in MLS
  6. Give buyer access to the best search Apps
  7. Monitor MLS
  8. Recommend three lenders for buyer pre-approval
  9. Get pre-approval letter or proof of funds
  10. Help with loan process
  11. Preview properties
  12. Show properties
  13. Promptly return phone calls, email and text messages
  14. Send MLS documents on every property of interest
  15. Research tax information and history of all properties of interest
  16. Prepare a Competitive Market Analysis on every home of interest
  17. Explain the good, bad and ugly of every home visited
  18. Be a repair expert – know what you are looking at
  19. Set expectations throughout the entire process
  20. Be a local expert
  21. Know the market
  22. Explain the details of how real estate transactions work
  23. Advise buyer on most competitive offer based on the situation
  24. Write offers
  25. Review offer with buyer before sending
  26. Negotiate offers (you can write 10 offers per buyer)
  27. Deliver Due Diligence money to the listing agent
  28. Deliver Earnest Money to the closing attorney
  29. Get ALL necessary legal paperwork in appropriate office tracking system
  30. Get Restrictive Covenants
  31. Schedule inspections
    1. Home Inspection
    2. Termite Inspection
    3. Radon Inspection
    4. Well Inspection
    5. Septic Inspection
  32. Attend Inspections
  33. Schedule Follow Up Inspections
    1. Structural Engineer
    2. HVAC
    3. Plumbing
  34. Get Repair Estimates
  35. Negotiate Repairs
  36. Set up Closing with Closing Attorney
  37. Make sure the lender orders the appraisal
  38. Order Survey
  39. Order Home Warranty
  40. If negotiate compensation instead of repairs get to attorney and lender
  41. Make sure buyer gets home owners insurance
  42. Make sure buyer transfers utilities
  43. Schedule re-inspection to check repairs
  44. Attend re-inspection
  45. If repairs are not done, get repair list in writing to listing agent
  46. Make sure buyer is attending closing
  47. Get power of attorney if buyer is not attending closing
  48. Check buyers marital status, if divorced or separated make sure buyer has a Free Trader Agreement
  49. Make sure buyer has received the Closing Disclosure on Time
  50. Coordinate with Lawyer & get closing numbers
  51. Review closing numbers with buyer
  52. Correct closing numbers with attorney and lender
  53. Schedule final walk-through before closing
  54. Attend final walk-through
  55. Negotiate anything necessary at end to protect buyer 100%
  56. Get client closing gift
  57. Attend closing
  58. Close out file at office
  59. Enter closing numbers in office tracking system
  60. Initiate all post-closing client follow-up

In today’s competitive marketplace, we may write as many as 10 offers for a client. Sometimes people go under contract, start the repair process, and then for one reason or another, the contract is terminated. After that, you have to start the process all over again.

Our job goes way beyond just opening doors for people. We have to be knowledgeable about every detail of the real estate process, the market itself, and various areas and neighborhoods. On top of that, we have to know how to negotiate. One of the most important aspects of the home sale is the repair process, so we have to know excellent inspectors we can rely on and contractors who can give reliable repair estimates. Most Realtors will tell you that they’re basically general contractors because we’re so involved in every part of a home’s repair.

All of these details are being managed (with the help of the lender and closing attorney) so we can get the best of everything for our clients—the best home, loan, homeowners insurance, repairs, etc. A good buyer’s agent will go above and beyond for their client throughout the home sale process. Additionally, while we’re working with our clients, we have to manage our business and marketing. After all, if we don’t have any business, we can’t do business.

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