What Is a Scullery Kitchen?



Discussing one of the latest design trends in kitchens: scullery kitchens.


For the last few years, open floor plans where the kitchen, living room, and dining areas are open to each other have been all the rage. With the popularity of the open floor plan, people have recently begun to gravitate toward scullery kitchens.


So what is a scullery kitchen? It’s a kitchen that’s adjacent to or behind your main kitchen. With open floor plans, you tend to lose cabinetry in your kitchen since there aren’t as many walls. A scullery kitchen provides room for more cabinetry and prep space, and some people are even using it as a second kitchen to hide their messes when they have guests over.


What do you think of the scullery kitchen option with an open floor plan? I’d love to hear your feedback. Your Real Estate Experts are also prepared to share other design plans with you, so if you’d like to see more or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to help.