Why You Need a Pre-Sales Inspection

Set your home apart from other homes on the market with a pre-sales inspection. The more information a potential buyer has, the more likely they are to spend time thinking about purchasing a property. There are many reasons to have a pre-sales inspection, but each reason supports the end goal: to sell your house quicker and closer to list price.

Home inspections let you know the condition of your home before you sell it. Everything from ventilation, plumbing, electricity, to the home appliances will be inspected. The interior and exterior will be considered, too. Think structural components too, like the chimney, roof, or home foundation. Typically, the home inspection lasts two to three hours, and at the end you’ll receive an evaluation of the condition of the property.

Let’s look at the benefits of pre-sales inspections.

Pre-Sales Inspections Save Time

By doing a pre-sales inspection, you will find out the deficiencies of your home before you’re negotiating a sale. Most of the time, buyers will find out the issues with the home gradually. Instead, by facilitating a pre-sales inspection you can arm potential buyers with more information. This will, typically, encourage potential buyers to invest more time and thought into your property.

Sometimes during negotiations, potential buyers want to sellers to make repairs. If you’ve done a pre-sales inspection, you’re aware of what faults the property has and your home can be priced accordingly. This saves both seller and buyer time by eliminating round after round of repair negotiations.

Pre-Sales Inspections Save Money

As a seller, you’ll have the choice to either make certain repairs or market your home with an appropriate list price that considers the condition of the home after the inspection. Pre-sales inspections aren’t too costly, either. They can range from $200-$500, depending on the size and location of your home. What’s more? They can help you list your home at a higher price, too.

Alternatively, inspection prices may be covered at the closing of the home. In some cases, sellers will offer buyers a sum of money to cover their cost of the inspection. However, doing a pre-sales inspection means that you’ve already taken care of that payment. It also helps convey that you care about your property, and you’re not trying to hide anything from a potential buyer.

Pre-Sales Inspections Save Energy

So much time, money, and energy go into selling and buying homes. It’s an exciting time, too! By having a pre-sales inspection, you’ll save yourself energy in what can only be described as a roller-coaster ride to selling your home.

You can offer the pre-sales inspection findings at open houses to encourage potential buyers to trust you, the seller. You won’t have to waste time and energy getting excited about potential offers when they’ll fall through because of property issues later on. By letting potential buyers see the property defects instead of finding them out on their own, you enable them to look at the necessary repairs rationally. With the proper perspective, buyers and sellers can save their energy, money, and time.

How We Can Help

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