2009 SAT Results – Chapel Hill – Carrboro Schools, Durham Schools and More

The 2009 SAT results are out.  In North Carolina, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School District’s SAT Scores remain the strongest in the State and exceed the national average.  The Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Districts combined 2009 score is 1179 compared with 1006 for North Carolina and 1016 nationally.

All three Chapel Hill-Carrboro High Schools run neck and neck with each other.  Carrboro High’s, the newest high school, combined score was 1177, Chapel Hill High’s combined score was 1159 and East Chapel Hill High’s combined score was 1195.

The most interesting phenomenon is that the percentage of high schoolers taking the SAT went down fairly significantly almost across the board.  In Chapel Hill, in 2007 96.2% of the students took the test, in 2008 this was reduced slightly to 93.1 and in 2009 80.2% of the students took the SAT exam.  Although this number is significantly lower than in the past, it remains higher than all other local school districts, North Carolina as a whole and it far exceeds the national percentage tested at 46%.

It remains to be seen why this happened.  I look forward to reading the analyses as the results are further evaluated.

2007, 2008 & 2009 SAT Scores for Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools; Orange County, NC Schools; Durham Schools; Chatham County Schools and Wake County Schools