5 Days and Counting Duke/UNC Rivalry 2009

5 Days and Counting and it’s looking more like a matchup for the record books.This has not been a good week for Duke.After a miserable performance in the loss at Clemson, many people are asking, “Who was that team?”Next on their schedule is a home game on Saturday, Feb. 7th against Miami.Carolina, meanwhile, breezed through their contests with NC State & Maryland.Up next for the Heels is a Saturday afternoon game against the Virginia Cavaliers.

A House Divided

At this point, both UNC & Duke have identical ACC records of 6-2 and are tied for first place.Their national rankings are identical as well.#3 in one poll and #4 in another.Could it be any better?If both teams come through the weekend with wins, the matchup on Wednesday will pit 2 teams with matching records against one another for the lead in the ACC.You gotta love college basketball!  ACC basketball in particular and the battle of Tobacco Road specifically.

Who do you think will have the lead in the ACC when the final buzzer sounds on Wednesday night?You know who I think will be #1, how about you?