5 Positive Things Happening in the Triangle Area

Here are the five most exciting things currently happening in our area.


There is so much negative news out there these days. So today, I’m sharing five excellent things that are happening in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill area. I’m excited to let you know that…

1. Apple is coming to the Triangle. In April, Apple announced they’re investing a billion dollars in a campus that will be located on the Wake County side of Research Triangle Park. They’re expecting to create 3,000 jobs in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. The average salary for these jobs is expected to be about $187,000.

2. Google is also coming to the Triangle. Google Cloud is coming to Durham, and the office will be a hub for their enterprise engineering team. They expect to create about 1,000 jobs.


“Employment is strong in the Triangle.”


3. North Carolina’s unemployment rate has decreased. Employment is strong in the Triangle. The most recent report stated that the North Carolina jobless rate fell for the ninth straight month. The unemployment rate in June was 4.6%, which fell from 4.8% in May.

4. Riding the bus is free. Throughout the Triangle, you can ride the bus for free through June 2022. GoRaleigh, GoDurham, GoTriangle, and GoCary are all making their buses available for free during this time. In Chapel Hill, the buses have been free for years, and that will continue. GoTriangle now has six fully electric buses and is working with Duke Energy to build more charging stations.

5. New all-in-one sunscreen for men. My dear friend and Mohs dermatologist Dr. Beth Goldstein and her entrepreneurial daughter Eliana have developed the first all-in-one sunscreen for men. These products are around in droves for women, but not men. It’s called The Daily by Get Mr. It’s a moisturizer aftershave with age defense and SPF 30. It’s a great product, and I encourage you to check it out soon. To learn more about this product, visit their website. 

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