Looking for a place to play? Try one of Chapel Hill’s best parks for kids!

best parks for kids in chapel hill

Chapel Hill is undeniably beautiful. This lovely small town is known all around for it’s quality of life, and for it’s family friendly atmosphere. Now that school is out and summer is well underway, surely there are some times when you need to get the kids out. What better place to play than a park? The free space is great to get the kids moving, playing, and burning off some energy.  We couldn’t help but create a round-up of the best parks for kids in Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill Community Center Park

best parks for kids in chapel hill

Chapel Hill Community Center Park is located just beyond the community center itself. The playground section of this park is pretty well shaded, which is perfect to beat the sun on cloudless days. With big equipment, there’s enough space for everyone to share. Not to mention, at this park, there’s playground equipment for both little ones and bigger children alike. The ground is a mixture of mulch and other synthetic material, creating a safe place to play.

Just beyond the park are picnic benches where parents can watch the little ones play. This fabulous community center is loaded with amenities, too. From bocce ball courts to rose gardens, there isn’t much this park doesn’t have.

You can find the park at: 120 S. Estes Drive Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Homestead Park in Chapel Hill

best parks for kids in chapel hill

Some families refer to this park as “Dinosaur Park”, and with good reason! The name comes from the giant, purple dinosaur located in the park. What’s more? The dinosaur happens to be a stand-alone slide, where kids will climb up the back of the dinosaur and blast down the slide of his chest. Pretty exciting, right? Homestead Park has lots of playground equipment too, including tunnels, slides, swings (and belted swings for the little ones) monkey bars, and wheels.

The ground in the park is made of mulch, but beneath the play equipment is rubber matting. Don’t worry, there’s ample shade at Dinosaur Park. With bathrooms nearby, this is a great place to take the kids out for the afternoon.

You can find the park at: 100 Northern Park Drive Chapel Hill, NC

Southern Community Park in Chapel Hill

best parks for kids in chapel hill

This large playground is perfect to take the kids to, especially when you’re the playdate host. Complete with climbing walls, slides, and swings, Southern Community Park has a good variety of playground equipment. The soccer fields are nearby which pose an issue with parking sometimes, but they’re also available for play. Basketball courts are near the park, too.

We like this park because it’s an easy place to keep smaller children from wandering far. With a wall to climb or a tough structure to walk across, toddlers and little ones can be corralled easily! The only issue is there’s little shade, so some of the playground equipment can get hot. So if you find yourself at the park when the heat is blazing, you can head on over to the Southern Village for a snack or meal.

Need to bring the dog out, too? Great! The Southern Community Park has a lovely dog park, and trails for walking behind the playground.

You can find the park at: 1000 Sumac Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Cedar Falls Park in Chapel Hill

best parks for kids in chapel hill

Cedar Falls Park is equipped to please kids of all ages. From easy access trails with mild paths to its shady playground, this park goes above and beyond. With clean public restrooms, there’s no need to worry about impromptu diaper changes. However, the park gets busy after school (which is why it’s great in the summer) with soccer fields, tennis courts, and covered picnic areas, it’s understandable!

While definitely a local favorite, the only thing we’d change about the park is that the water fountains aren’t always working. So grab your favorite water bottles (preferably Tar Heel covered ones), and head on out.

You can find the park at: 501 Weaver Dairy Road Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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