Buyer Agency Agreements: Can They Be Terminated?

Interestingly enough, North Carolina’s Buyer Agency Agreements do not have a termination clause.I am not sure why not.In selecting a buyer agent to represent your interests, you want to make sure that you work with an agent that is a good fit and who does what she or he says they are going to do.

If a Buyer Agent is not meeting your expectations, I think it is very important to do two things.First, communication is the name of the game.Make sure you let your agent know what is not working for you.Second, give your agent a chance to correct the problem.

It is my policy to never twist someone’s arm into doing something they don’t want to do.I always let my clients know that either party can terminate an Agency agreement if it is not working.I never want this to happen so this is my way of keeping my feet to the fire.

My recommendation is to discuss with any agent you are interviewing or working with what their policy is on whether or not a Buyer Agency Agreement can be terminated.My answer is yes you can, it all comes down, however, to how you do it.