Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools Release 2008 Reading Results

Chapel Hill-Carrboro School students continue to outperform their counterparts across North Carolina in reading, despite a drop in reading test performance as a result of significant changes made this year in the tests given to students grades 3-8.  These changes include setting higher standards for attaining proficiency.  These changes resulted in 78.5 percent of CHCCS students posting proficiency in reading compared to 93.4 percent in 2008.  The drop in scores in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro district is approximately ½ of the decline that has been seen statewide.  Raising standards is of course a good thing, but it will take a year or two before this evens out. Some feel that these results are somewhat demoralizing to the students and staff, however, the goal is to raise standards across the region.  Once everyone becomes familiar with the new approach, I know that things will even out.  Personally, I am excited for my children that they are being challenged.  I want them to be strong readers and to focus on reading comprehension.  I am very thankful that they had great scores.  In my book, this is very important to our children’s growth and intellectual development.