Decluttering Your Home Before Putting It Up For Sale

Its weeks before a big move and you don’t even know where to start with packing. You would much rather just throw everything in boxes and figure out what you want to get rid of once you are moved. This might seem like the best idea but it’s not. Turns out, people can throw out 30 percent of what they own and never even miss it for a second. If you go ahead and de-clutter your house before packing, it will not only save you time and money spent on moving costs, it will also help you better stage your home to sell. Here are a few tips on de-cluttering your home before selling it. 

Start with bookshelves. Are they completely packed down with books and magazines? Too many books crammed onto one bookshelf creates a cluttered look. It also creates the idea that you don’t have enough storage space. Try and take down some books, turn some horizontal and some vertical. Play around with adding small glass bottles and other small decorative items. Bookcases don’t have to be just for books. Store books you don’t want or don’t read often in the attic or in a storage space.

How is your furniture arranged? Too many pieces of furniture creates the illusion that you have a small living space. You don’t want people feeling crammed as they walk into each room because it’s over loaded with furniture. Put extra pieces into storage so that each room’s furniture creates an inviting area. You’ll be surprised at how much bigger the interior of your home will appear once you do so.

One place a potential buyer will always look is in the closet. Some people will try and cram as much as possible into each closet they have, but don’t do this. It creates the idea that there isn’t enough storage space, which in turn leads to the idea of a smaller house. Instead, utilize storage utility tools. This is an important time to buy organizational pieces for you closet and organize it!  Do the same with cabinets. Have all of your plates neatly placed and have mugs all facing the same way. 

 Article by Tom Miller, New Home Source