Durham Is A Cool Place To Live and Work: Awards and Accolades

Durham is a college town with loads of character.  Downtown Durham has become the place to be.  Durham has great neighborhoods, great restaurants and great culture.  Durham has and continues to be recognized for so many great things.  Here are just a few.

Durham was recognized as No. 19 among “most recession-recovered” U.S. cities.

Source: WalletHub

Durham was recognized as one of the best cities for singles in North Carolina.

Source: Only In Your State

Mateo Tapas was recognized as one of 100 top foodie spots in the nation.

Source: Open Table

Chef Andrea Reusing’s new restaurant at The Durham hotel was recognized as a ” Best New Star Chef Hotel Restaurant.”

Source: Food & Wine

Durham is the 14th-best city for small business in the U.S.

Source: Thumbtack

Durham #2 on Livability “Ten Best College Towns” list.

Source: Livability

Durham has been recognized as one of the top ten cities nationwide for creative people.

Source: Smartasset