Looking for a Place to Play? Try One of Durham’s Best Parks for Kids!

Durham is filled with fun events, great food, outdoor recreation spaces, and 60 parks. That’s a lot of outdoor fun for the kids. Summer is well underway and there are surely some times when you want to get the kids out of the house to play. What better place to bring them to than a great playground? The free space is a great way to get the kids moving, playing, burning off some energy, and getting some vitamin D. We couldn’t help but create a round-up of the best parks for kids in Durham.

Rolling View at Falls Lake State Recreation Area

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Head to Rolling View at Falls Lake for a slew of activities. Equipped with a long, wide beach, Rolling View is perfect for a hot afternoon where you and the kids are ready to take a dip. There are a lot of water-related activities for the whole family. Rolling View offers water skiing, windsurfing, swimming, boat launches, and sailing adventures.

The playground is located right near the beach, so when the sun starts beating down a little too hard, you can cool off. Easy access parking makes Rolling View a convenient place to play, especially with bathrooms located right at the playground area.

You can find Rolling View here: 4201 Baptist Road, Durham, NC 27703

Piney Wood Park

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Piney Wood has a great playground, loaded with awesome outdoor play equipment. There’s no shortage of play structures, with three different structures. Also equipped with swings, Piney Wood isn’t just for the younger kids. There’s a very tall spiral slide, climbing nets, and even smaller slides for the younger crowd. The woods are close by, offering a good natural space to play in dry creek beds or get some shade from the summer sun. Let’s talk about the unique factor of Piney Wood park: the log Teepee.

What’s more is the dog park located right beside the playground. This makes heading to the park a solid use of time, getting both the kids and the dogs out to burn off some energy. Kids will definitely be entertained by the canine antics, and the dog park is fenced off so there’s no need to worry about safety. Not to mention the nearby picnic area, which is covered and provides lots of shade.

Though Piney Wood has great outdoor play equipment, we’d change the fact it’s a little tough to find. Because it’s hidden in the trees, you might have to search just a little bit. But that gives a little more adventure to the outing!

You can find Piney Wood here: 400 E Woodcroft Pkwy, Durham, NC 27713

Burch Avenue Park

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Burch Avenue Park is a newly renovated park, near Duke. One of the things that really stands out about this park is that it was renovated by Kaboom, which is an organization who builds parks in neighborhoods where kids live. Among the outdoor play equipment is: a school bus for climbing and driving, a bouncy horse for riding, with large play structures and even musical instrument walls. Talk about a way to foster creativity!

There’s even a stage in the park!

The park is completely fenced in, so it’s a great choice for a lively kid who is hard to keep track of. Whether the kids are toddlers or range a little older, there’s something at this park suited for them.

You can find Burch Avenue Park here: 816 Burch Avenue, Durham, NC 27712

West Point on the Eno

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We’re big fans of anything Eno at Real Estate Experts. The Eno is a huge part of North Carolina (especially in Durham and Hillsborough) history, charged with helping to build not only the culture of the area, but a deep respect for wildlife too. This park has a lot of history, and it presents an opportunity to get the kids acquainted with it.

Hiking, biking, and animal watching are all parts of the Eno experience. However, West Point has a Natural Play Space that’s sure to grab the attention of the kids. Even though there’s no outdoor play equipment, West Point has lots of natural attractions.

There’s space to play in the water, all kinds of bugs for the boys, and no shortage of creative inspiration. When the kids are done playing in the Natural Play Space, you can be sure there are other attractions to keep them entertained. You can head to the mill, overlook the dam, or pause at the covered picnic shelter.

You can find West Point on the Eno at: 5101 Roxboro Rd, Durham, NC 27704

Bethesda Park

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Let’s put it this way: Bethesda Park has it all. From disc golf to basketball courts, and covered tennis courts to the high ropes course, there’s not much Bethesda Park is missing. Over a sprawling 20 acres, there isn’t a shortage of activities to entertain everyone.

The Discovery High Ropes Course is a cool opportunity to get the older kids involved, and outside. While the park does have outdoor play equipment and a great playground, the ropes course is very enticing. The structures go up about 55 feet in the air, and there is, of course, a zipline. Not to mention the giant swing. Are you convinced about Bethesda Park yet?

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In the playground itself, there are swings, picnic benches, and lots of natural structures that encourage creativity. Swings are located on the outskirts of the playground, boosting the safety of the playground itself. Similar to Piney Wood park, there’s a wall of instruments to get the kids’ creative sides flowing.

You can find Bethesda Park at: 1814 Stage Road DurhamNC 27703

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