Energy Audits – Time to Call the Pros

In case a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) energy audit isn’t your thing, there are a variety of companies in the area that offer this service. With specialized equipment and training, they are able to perform a comprehensive audit that will go far beyond the visual inspection that you would do yourself. Here is a list of our top three area energy audit companies, along with a price range, service level, and how long it will take.

Name: Home Performance NC

Location: P.O. Box 215
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Phone: (919) 360-1570



  •   Energy audits
  •   Energy ratings
  •   Weatherization
  •   Home improvement

Description of energy audit:

This service provides a high-level home energy audit. It includes nearly ever service available with a home energy audit including duct blower test, blower door test, infrared scanning, utility bill analysis, combustion safety testing, and multiple other tests. The cost of $350-450 includes a complete ten-page report. time required: 4-5 hours.

Name: Akhet Home Inspection Services

Location: 4900 Highway 55, Suite 160-173 Durham, NC 27713

Phone: (919) 815-9527



  • Home inspection
  • Energy audits

Description of energy audit:

Level 1 audit:  The general audit includes a thorough visual inspection to identify major issues. Includes a blower-door testing, survey of water use, inspectiono f existing lighting, water management and safety issues, durability issues, and duct leakage test. Includes interview with owner and recommendations for improvement. Cost: $150. Time required: 2-3 hours. Include

Level 2 audit:  The advanced level audit includes all the features of the level 1 audit plus a combustion safety test, survey of home appliances and usage, home measurement and calculations, duct blaster analysis, pressure pan test, and general building diagnostics. The report includes a comprehensive analysis and recommendations: Cost: $400. Time required: 4-6 hours.

Name: Energeyes Corporation

Location: 417 Hampton Lane Youngsville, NC 27596

Phone: (919) 600-4673



  • Energy audits
  • Home energy improvements

Description of energy audit:

Intro audit:  Inspector performs a fifty-point examination of the home including crawl space analysis, insulation inspection, etc. . No testing equipment or diagnostic tools are used, but the inspector is able to gain a basic understanding of home energy issues in order to make recommendations for homeowner to implement basic energy-saving improvements. Cost: $99. Time required: 1-3 hours.

Midrange audit:  The midrange audit includes a blower door test, duct leakage test, whole-home insulation inspection, healthy and safety inspection, ventilation examination, and other standard audit inspections. Cost: $295. Time required: 4-6 hours.

Advanced audit:  The upper-level audit provides the homeowner with everything included in the lower-cost audit, but adds infrared imaging to the examination: Cost: $395. Time required: 6-8 hours.

Name: Solar Tech South

Location: 1119 US 15 501 Hwy South, Suite 101, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Phone: (919) 960-6015

Web: ht


  • Solar thermal hot water system
  • Solar photovoltaic systems

 Audit services: although Solar Tech South does not technically offer an audit service, per se, they are one of the leading providers of alternative energy solutions in the area. Their focus is on the installation of solar technology, specifically solar hot water systems and solar photovoltaic systems. Through a solar hot water system, homewners can save as much as a quarter of their energy bill simply by using a solar thermal system to hear their water. A solar photovoltaic systems, uses specially designed solar panels to transfer the energy of the sun into usable energy for powering the home.

In order to find out more about your options and how to get started with solar energy, Solar Tech South provides a free solar evaluation.