February 2015 Chatham County Housing Market Data

Find historical Chatham County Housing Market Data here.

The data is out for February 2015. Chatham County months supply of inventory continues to drop. This month it was down 5.7% to 6.6 months. Much more data below:


There are some interesting numbers to note on the chart above. The median sales price for homes in Chatham County dropped 9.3% to $270,750 but notice that year to date the median sales price is up 7.3%. We will continue to monitor this trend moving forward into March and the spring of 2015. Days on Market is something to watch as well. These data points saw a huge double digit jump in the month of February 2015. Please remember that February was a very difficult month in terms of weather. Chatham County and the Triangle saw three winter storms hit the area. This may be one of the reasons for the increase in days on market until sale.