Worried About Being A First-Time Home Seller? Don’t! We’ve Got You Covered.

If you’re a first-time home seller, you’ll need these four tips…

Homeowners don’t often think about becoming a first-time home seller until they’re faced with the situation. All of a sudden, the starter home you’ve lived in for a few years becomes too small. Selling a home is a process like no other. Whether you’ve owned the home for five years or fifty, first-time home sellers need to consider some important things before beginning the process. Instead of being concerned with the excitement of a new home, sellers are concerned with maximizing profit and speed of sale.

The process can be overwhelming, but we’ve got you covered with these first-time home seller tips.

1. Hire a Great Real Estate Professional

If you’ve never been through the process of selling your home, it’s easy to think you may not need the assistance of a real estate professional. Buyer’s agents, Realtors, listing agents, or other real estate professionals are your best allies in selling your home, so why not take advantage of their services and benefits? first-time home seller

Repeat sellers know that a real estate professionals know their industry, so they’re likely to be able to negotiate better prices, faster sales, and help the process move seamlessly. While some repeat sellers learn the hard way, first-time home sellers don’t have to! There’s a common misconception that it will be pricey to use the services of a real estate professional. Wipe away your worry, because using a buyer’s agent is always in your best interest.

Here’s what a real estate professional can do to assist you in your home selling journey:

  • Price your home for sale
  • Help prepare your home for sale to create a Wow through home staging and more
  • Manage pre-sale inspections and repairs
  • Take high quality photos
  • Market your home broadly and effectively to buyers and Realtors
  • Use their network to connect you with local professionals like contractors, utility providers, and more
  • Effectively handle difficult negotiations

The list goes on!

2. Err on the Side of Caution: Don’t Overprice Your Home

Firstly, it’s easy to want to overprice your home. It’s your home! You have memories, cherished moments, and more within the confines of your home. However, others won’t see it that way. They’ll judge the home based on their needs and desires. What’s more, as a first-time home seller it may be tempting to overprice your home with the idea negotiations will bring the price down to an appropriate level. The idea is tempting, of course. But pricing too high is a turn-off for many buyers.

Your hired real estate professional will be better qualified to suggest a list price for your home. They know the market, they know how homes are selling in the area, so their opinion is valuable. They’ll know how to get you top-dollar for your property, too.

3. Let Your Home Make a Good First Impression

Curb appeal is important, as is the staging of your home for showings. However, if you haven’t put in the elbow grease to get your home ready to market, there’s a good chance your listing won’t be effective. You may turn off buyers by listing your home as-is. So, what can you do?

Be sure to get your home in order, spic-and-span. It should be in great condition once the property is listed. You can accomplish this in a few ways. Firstly, you can consider doing an pre-sale inspection before listing your home. That way, you’re armed with the knowledge of what repairs may be necessary, any flaws of the property, and what may need to be done to get your home market ready.

First impressions are, in fact, very important. Especially when buyers are concerned, because if there’s something that turns them off of a property they’re not likely to come back. Using a network of real estate professionals, you can accomplish stunning staging, professional grade photographs, and a welcoming atmosphere to show off your home. We’ve got you covered with great home staging tips. Use our home staging checklist to make sure your home is market ready.

4. The Most Money isn’t Always the Best Offer

While a high number on a check seems like a great outcome, it may not actually be. Even if the offer is high, the negotiations during the closing of the house won’t necessarily put everything in your favor.

Having a real estate professional on your side during this part of the process is crucial. If you’re looking at multiple offers, they can help you decide which is best to accept. There are other things to consider  in addition to price, such as:

  • due diligence monies
  • cash versus mortgage
  • timeline

There are other factors to consider when accepting an offer on your home, however these three are easily decided with the help of an experienced real estate professional.

Real Estate Experts

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