Home Selling Strategies

What do buyers look for, or look out for when purchasing a home in the Chapel Hill, Durham, Orange County or the surrounding area? This article is designed to help sellers evaluate the important aspects of selling a home and what potential buyers want.

The way you live in your house is not the way to sell your house. So, what makes a house a home for sale on the market, and one that soon has a “SOLD” sign out on the front lawn? And what aspects are important to look at because potential buyers will ask the question, “How much work are we going to need to do prior to moving in and beyond?” The appearance and cleanliness of the home are significant.

Always have your home in show ready condition.  It is critical to be prepared so you have the least amount of stress when you get the call that an agent wants to show your home.  Sellers need to know that today, buyers have high expectations.  An updated home in excellent condition is critical to getting your home sold in the least amount of time and for top dollar.  Buyers love updated kitchen and baths, new lighting fixtures and it is amazing how new paint and carpet can transform a home. 

Here are some things a buyer will look for when dealing with the purchase of a home. The buyer will consider the following:

  • Exactly what personal property is included in the sale? Lighting fixtures, drapes or blinds, refrigerators, and washers and dryers.  
  • Is the neighborhood quiet, friendly? Are the homes well kept?
  • Are there any development plans that will affect the property?
  • The inspection report – are there any substantial problems with the house?
  • Real estate taxes – what are the current property taxes, and what impact will your purchase have on the taxes?

Another issue that raises concern regarding buyer appeal is that sellers often mistakenly think that viewing empty properties will give the buyers an accurate sense of the space available. On the contrary, sometimes it is more difficult to judge the size of a room without furniture and other objects as reference points. An empty room even allows buyers to focus on negative details instead of getting a sense of the overall space and the flow of each room to the next. Buyers need to ask themselves the question, “Can I see myself in this home?” Therefore, staging really helps buyers envision themselves in the space.

The idea of “staging” a home to make it look alluring to buyers has become popular during the last decade, as manifested by the proliferation of numerous home staging companies offering advice about how to make the house more attractive to buyers. Check out next’s months article about “Staging a Home.”

When selling your home with Team Jodi, I will work with you to put your home is the best showing condition possible.  My goal is to create the Wow factor so that buyers can envision themself in the home and want to put your property under contract.