Jodi Bakst Earns Designation As Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE)

In hard times, homeownership can sometimes become more of a burden than a joy. Over 6 million homeowners are either more than a month late on their mortgage payments or are in the foreclosure process. Sometimes the answer to this problem can be a “short sale”– when the lender agrees to accept less than owed and the homeowner gets out of debt. Owners in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure, should seek out the services of a Distressed Property Expert. Click here to learn whether short sales and pre-foreclosures work in Chapel Hill and Durham and if you qualify for a short sale.

North Carolina’s Jodi Bakst is one of 850 agents nationally (out of 1.4 million Realtors in the U.S.) that is designated as a CDPE.Jodi is ready to help families in need of her services. “I will help homeowners find the best solution to whatever financial crisis they are facing,” she says. “I am fully informed of the issues and know the detailed processes and procedures for working with and through the banks. Experts who understand this can close a short sale in a much quicker time frame (weeks or a few months rather than 6 or more months).” Bakst’s real estate market includes Chapel Hill and Durham and Orange, Durham and Chatham counties.

Residential real estate has many specialized areas, and good Realtors take specific courses to deepen their understanding of issues and build upon the foundations they learned when acquiring their real estate license. By improving their skills, agents can better serve their clients. The Distressed Property certification is one of the most important qualifications in today’s market; it gives agents a full understanding of the complexities of short sales, pre-foreclosure and foreclosures.

The recent flood of mortgage defaults across the country shows the importance of having a Realtor well-versed in the details short sales involve.For example, while the term “Notice of Default (NOD)” is touched on when training to become a Realtor, a Certified Distressed Property Expert has a much deeper understanding of the nuances involved in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and pursue a short sale. While the uncertified agent may know that the NOD refers to the document which officially starts the foreclosure process, a Distressed Property Expert knows that the best time for action is before a homeowner misses their first payment.They also know that even if a payment has been missed and an NOD has been received, homeowners can still pursue a short sale and avoid foreclosure.

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