Kenan Stadium will Host July 4th Fireworks in Chapel Hill

It has become a tradition to watch the July 4th fireworks at Kenan Stadium. Travel & Leisure Magazine ranked Chapel Hill as one of America’s Top Ten Best Towns for a July 4th celebration. The doors to Kenan Stadium will open at 7:00 pm and the fireworks usually start around 9:00 or 9:30 pm. Try to be ready for the fireworks early as anyone getting on UNC’s campus around 9:00 pm will find it difficult to get a parking spot. Each and every year the fireworks event at UNC’s football stadium gets bigger. Keep in mind that traffic can be bad on this particular day of the year. Think of a UNC basketball game or football game. Although it is nothing like Atlanta or Los Angeles traffic it can still get very congested on the UNC Campus. 

Our suggestion is to park at the Law School or somewhere around the track to have a view of the fireworks yet have easy access to get off campus before everyone else gets to their cars. If you park on Franklin Street or anywhere near North Campus you will likely not be able to see the fireworks unless you make the trek across campus and sit in Kenan Stadium. You may want to consider sitting at Irwin Belk Track at Fetzer Field. You will be able to see the fireworks from this location and there won’t be as many people.

There have been storms throughout Tennessee and western North Carolina over the last few days so bring your rain gear just in case. If there is a torrential downpour we would imagine the fireworks will be canceled or the time the fireworks start will be adjusted. 

Do you plan on enjoy the fireworks at Kenan Stadium? If so, where are you going to park?