Learn How to Drive Your Realtor Crazy

So, you’d like to drive your realtor crazy?

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to accomplish this, without even trying. While you may not realize that certain habits are frustrating to your favorite real estate professional, they can be detrimental to the potential of you selling your home.

  1. Don’t Take Things Personally

It’s your home. Of course you have strong feelings and emotions tied to your property! After all, some of the biggest events in your life can happen there. It may be a place you’ve lived all your life. It may be the place your baby took her first steps. Of course you feel strongly about your home. However, it’s important not to take the advice or suggestions and opinions about your home personally.  As a seller, you need to have a tough exterior and not let things get to you.  Remember, once you have decided to sell your home, it’s not your home anymore.  It is important to do what you need to do to get the job done.

How it’s decorated, the colors of your home, the layout… when your house is on the market, it’s no longer your “home” but a representation of a property you’re trying to sell.

  1. Don’t Fight Having a Pre-Sale Inspection and Making the Necessary Repairs

This may seem like a no brainer, but not everyone is aware of the importance of disclosing things that are broken or not working in your home. The real estate professional you’re working with is your ally, and you want them to be able to advocate in your best interest. Addressing needed repairs — like rotten siding, moisture in a crawl space or roof repairs, up front can save you time negotiating the contract on your home and with the pain and sometimes suffering of the inspection and repair process.  The better shape your home is in, the more likely buyers are going to love it.

Another thing to consider while we’re on the subject of flaws: don’t refuse to make repairs. You can also consider adjusting the home price in order to satisfy the buyers.

No home is perfect.  It is your agents job to create the wow factor when a buyer enters your home.  Your agent should know hot to spotlight the strengths of your home! Find out how home staging works in your favor with our checklist.

  1. Don’t Turn Down Showings

There’s no reason you should turn down a showing of your home. Sure, there are some extenuating circumstances like sick individuals, or very young children. If the house needs tidying up, do it. If the house needs cleaning, do it. Turning down a showing means potentially turning down a sale.  If you need to reschedule the showing, let your agent know so she or he can reach out to the other agent and make sure the showing happens.

  1. Don’t Stay Home During Showings

On the same topic of showing your home, there’s no reason you should be home during the showing. Having the owner of a home around while potential buyers are prospecting around the property can make the potential buyers uncomfortable. Wouldn’t you feel funny about having opinions on the home (negative or positive) in front of those who own it?

Additionally, it’s important to keep your pets in mind during home showings. If you have a dog, kindly remove it from the premises along with yourself. If you need to keep your cats shut in a room with all of their amenities in front of them, that’s something to put on your to-do list before a showing. No potential buyer wants to see, smell, or hear your pets. Regardless of how wonderful they are.

  1. Expecting Top Dollar Is Ok But Be Realistic

Tempting as it is to insist on a listing price, it’s imperative to get rid of that idea. Your real estate professional is your best ally here, again, because they know the market, your neighborhood, and they’re equipped with an analysis of  the area. We know you love your home, but allowing your real estate professional to list your home what they deem it worth will only benefit you in the long run.

  1. Be Flexible

Your real estate professional of choice wants to help you sell your house; let them! There’s no room for stubbornness here as that may turn sales away. The point is to sell your home!

Getting hung up on things like, requested repairs, whether a showing agent turned the lights off or making changes in response to the same repeated feedback, won’t help you achieve the goal of getting your home sold.  By allowing your Realtor to do their job will benefit you.

  1. Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Again, your realtor wants to help you sell your home. That’s both of your goals! If buyers have strange demands, your realtor isn’t at fault. If buyers have unreasonable terms, your realtor isn’t at fault. See the trend? Work with your Realtor, not against them. Trust their guidance, trust their professionalism, and remember: you both want to sell your house.

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