March 2015 Chatham County Housing Market Data

Find historical Chatham County Housing Market Data here.

Below you will find a chart that shows the housing market data for Pittsboro and Chatham County for the month of March 2015:


Similar to many other areas of the Triangle, Chatham County saw an uptick in closed sales. Closed sales increased 7.8% when compared to March 2014. Even with that being the case, total closed sales for the year are actually down in Chatham County; this is definitely a laggard for the central part of North Carolina. Most towns and cities are seeing an increase in closed sales. That said, the media sales price for Chatham County homes is up quite a bit in both March 2015 and year to date. When looking at a historical chart of home prices in Chatham County it is clear to see these prices are at an all time high. Home prices in Chatham County bottomed in the early part of 2010 and are now at the highest levels we have ever seen. You can see that in the chart below:

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