New Color Apps Take Guesswork out of Painting Your Home

Spring is a great time to think about repainting your home…and now there are two new free color apps that allow you to play around with colors and take the guesswork out of selecting the perfect shade!

Benjamin Moore’s app is called Color Capture, and it allows you to take a photo of a color (or colors) that you are interested in and matches them to their paint color families.


1. Take a photo.



2. Use the “color picker”: click on a color in your photo and select from Benjamin Moore’s shades in that color family.



You can also browse through Benjamin Moore’s color collections, and select a collection of your favorites.


1. Browse through collections.



2. Select favorites.



3. You can even share your favorites with friends on Social Media!



Sherwin-Williams’ app is called ColorSnap. This app also allows you to capture colors around you and match them to real Sherwin Williams’ paint colors.


1. Take a photo or choose one from your photo library.



2. Click on the color you want to match. You will see the exact color match, along with complementary colors.



3. You will also see all color matches for colors in the photo at the bottom of the screen. Click on them to see color numbers and names.



4. You can also share your colors on Social Media!



5. This app also integrates with Pinterest. Very cool! Select a pin from your Pinterest library. ColorSnap will show you real Sherwin-Williams colors for every item in the photo!



6. You can scan a color card and select a color to see how it will look in a variety of rooms.




You can see how the color will look in the daytime…



…or at night!



Enjoy playing with color this Spring, courtesy of these free apps!