New Durham High School

Good news for Durham County.  Recently, board members voted to move ahead in the building of a new high school. The first step is purchasing land from Duke University, with a purchase price of $4.1 million. The next step is groundbreaking and construction with a price tag of $48 million. The school may be ready for new students in time for the 2012 school year.

It was obvious why the new high school building needed to be built. The nearby schools of Jordan and Riverside have been experiencing overcrowding, and the problem is only expected to grow more acute in the upcoming school year. The new school will be able to accommodate at least 800 students and even as many as 1,200.

The good news about the new school isn’t just that it will help ameliorate crowded conditions. The school building will also be good for the environment. School board leadership has plans to construct the educational facility in line with green building codes for LEED certification.

The new Durham high school is also good news for Durham real estate. New schools inevitably improve surrounding real estate conditions and prices. The new school which will be located on Duke Homestead Road and Stadium Drive is in an optimal position. Besides being close to Durham Regional Hospital, it is also close to Durham County Stadium and the Rock Quarry Park. The new school could bode well for real estate conditions in the area around the school site.