No Property Tax Increase for Orange County & Chapel Hill Homeowners. What Great News.

The county’s $178.2 million general fund budget keeps the county property tax rate steady for a third straight year.  Just one reason to purchase homes and property in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  How did they do it?  By under-spending and collecting higher revenues than originally projected.  Nothing more than a bit of basic Accounting.  Successful budget management has also afforded Orange County, NC the ability to phase in and fund new positions in public safety, emergency medical services, libraries and solid waste convenience centers, in addition to approving $67,000 for the drug-treatment court, $75,000 for a small business loan program, $100,000 for child-care subsidies, and another $33,000 for Smart Start dental care.  Mark Schultz, Staff Writer at Chapel Hill News wrote, “The budget extends a six-month hiring freeze in most departments, has no cost-of-living increases for county workers, and increases the county’s living wage to $10.81 per hour.”  Looks like Orange County and Chapel Hill, NC aren’t too shabby of places to live or work.  Smart county fiscal management helps to support the Chapel Hill Real Estate market.