Over 50? Consider a Senior Real Estate Specialist.

If you are over 50 and considering a move, did you know there are real estate agents that specialize in managing the sale of homes for seniors? These realtors have earned the title “Senior Real Estate Specialist” (SRES), and are certified in helping address the financial and emotional challenges that often go along with selling a family home.


At Real Estate Experts, SRES’s Jodi Bakst and Karyn Cho can create a customized plan for marketing and selling your property, as well as working with you to explore various housing options based upon both current and future needs.

For instance, your SRES can provide information about a reverse mortgage, which can help convert your home equity into cash. A reverse mortgage can enable you to pay for your new home, bills, medical care….or just relieve anxiety when you have a tight monthly budget. The size of the loan will depend upon individual financial circumstances, and can be paid out as a lump sum or as monthly income.

Another option your SRES can help you explore is incorporating universal design (also known as “barrier-free living”) into your new home. Universal design includes modern upgrades such as non-slip floors and tubs, lever door handles, and no-step entries. It can also prevent the leading cause of injury among seniors: falls. Simple changes, such as raising light levels, removing throw rugs, and installing handrails, can provide a safe environment for senior homeowners to age in place with comfort.

In addition, our SRES experts can help you understand how to best put your pension, 401k account, IRA, or other savings plan to work for you in purchasing a new home, while ensuring you avoid loan schemes and scams that target and victimize older adults. We can also put you in touch with our network of qualified home inspectors, attorneys, and CPAs, as well as our trusted partner Caring Transitions, a company that handles all aspects of physically moving, as well as online estate auctions.

If you are a senior thinking of selling your family home, relocating, buying, or renting, it just makes sense to partner with a SRES-certified realtor, who has all the expertise you need to ensure that you make wise decisions that will last a lifetime.

For more information, contact SRES Jodi Bakst at 919.928.5131 or [email protected]. Visit Real Estate Experts online at www.realestateexperts.net.