Real Estate Experts Partners With American Forests


Today I’m going to talk about Real Estate Experts partnering with American Forests to plant trees.

Real Estate Experts is committed to the environment and helping reduce our carbon footprint, and to do this, we have decided that we are going to partner with American Forests. We’re donating $50 from every real estate transaction to American Forests; for each donation, 50 trees will be planted on behalf of our client.

American Forests is a very interesting organization; they’ve been around since 1875—they’re the oldest organization of its type committed to maintaining and preserving trees, forests, and reforestation. Since 1990 alone, American Forests has planted over 60 million trees in forests and reforestation projects across all 50 states.

So why donate money to plant trees?  Well, one big reason is that trees absorb carbon emissions, and this helps with all of the carbon emissions that are out there in the environment. The more trees we plant, the better we can do at counteracting emissions.

The amount of carbon emissions in the environment is also killing trees, unfortunately, and damaging forests. You can see this with the forest fires in California and now these huge fires in Australia; so planting more trees is actually more important than ever.

It’s my personal goal that as a company we plant 5,000 trees this year.


There are more benefits to planting trees; more trees help in biodiversity because they help protect waterways and wildlife and actually even create jobs in the United States. There are nearly 3 million jobs in this country that are related to forests, so I’m proud that the Real Estate Experts decided to partner with American Forests.

It’s my personal goal that as a company we plant 5,000 trees this year, so if you’d like to help us reach our goal, please don’t hesitate to reach out and talk with us about the home buying or selling process. We’ll help you get the job done.

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