How Do You Sell a House With Pets?

We love our furry friends. They’re family! But when you’re trying to sell the family home, sometimes it comes with challenges if there are furry members of your family. Not everyone loves Fido or Fluffy, so it’s important to take a look at what you can do to protect your home from losing interest from potential buyers because of your pets.

Before you sell your house, there are a lot of things you can and should be doing to repair, clean, and present your home. That way, all signs of Fluffy and Fido are invisible. If you want your home to sell for top dollar, pay attention to these key points to keep buyers interested.

Consider Why People Don’t Have Pets

Lots of people have pets. In fact, according to the American Pet Products Association, 44% of American households have pets. There are a lot of reasons the other 66% of American’s don’t have pets.

Some people may have allergies preventing them from having household pets. Selling a home with pets means taking care to prevent these people from noticing there was a pet living in the home. Another thing to remember is that many people have sensitive senses of smell. This means it may not be in your best interest to use an odor neutralizer — like Fresh Wave — to neutralize any pet odors in your home.  Never use  air fresheners or other scent-masking products when you have your home on the market.  They bother many people with allergies and most people really dislike them and feel a home owner is trying to cover something up.  Neutralizing pet odors in the way to go.

Another reason some people don’t have pets is that they or their children are afraid of certain animals. Having a dog barking, a cat growling, or even a bird chirping may make them uncomfortable. Ultimately, this could prevent people from falling in love with and eventually buying your property.

These aren’t the only reasons people may not like homes with pets have lived. They’re surely things to be mindful of when you’re selling a home with pets. With these tips, you can prevent buyer turn-off from your home.

tips for selling a home with petsGet Rid of Your Pet

Okay, before you worry, getting rid of your pet is not necessary!  It is not a bad idea to remove a pet just for a showing or we let people know what pets are in the home.  You want to minimize the impact of having a bet.  All you can do is your best.

One of the best ways to ensure people don’t find themselves face-to-face with your family pets is to remove them from the home. This can mean bringing them to a neighbor’s home, or even to a doggy daycare or take them for a walk during a showing.

Cats can be a little trickier, especially if they’re indoor-only. If you can let the kitty outside, definitely do so. If you can’t, you can put up a sign that lets the real estate professional know there’s a cat that cannot be let outside. Even if you put up a note, be sure to remove any signs of Fluffy!

If you truly have no other options, opt for a crate or seclusion of the pet to a smaller room.

Can’t Remove the Pets? Hide the Pets and Pet Supplies

Here’s a list of the things you should hide or remove from your house:

  • Cat and dog beds, blankets, or furniture covers
  • Seal doggy and kitty doors if you have them
  • Pack up and put away animal carriers
  • Toys, food bowls, litter boxes, puppy pads, and other pet supplies
  • Don’t forget to remove a cat tree, window hammock, or anything else that signifies this is where the cat plays
  • Remove personal photos of the pet from your living room, bedroom, or the refrigerator

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’ll help you get started successfully putting away your pets and pet supplies.

Fix What the Messes They Made

Literally and figuratively, folks. Having dogs means there may be droppings in your yard. Fido may even have dug some holes in the garden. Filling these holes in, picking up the droppings, and removing the signs of backyard puppy play can increase your chances of impressing potential buyers.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the odor of the home. Many people don’t notice an animal smell, especially if they’re used to it. To be sure you’ve effectively eradicated the pet odors in your home, have a neighbor or friend take a walk through to see if they can smell anything. You might want to consider bringing in a professional to help clean the carpets, remove stains, and deep clean the house.

Can’t get rid of a smell? Meet your new best friend: Nature’s Miracle or Fresh Wave. There are other enzyme cleaning sprays that will do the trick, too.

Don’t forget to pay attention to any damage pets have caused in the home. There may be flaking paint thanks to Fluffy sharpening her claws. There might be scratched bottoms of doors and ripped carpets.

If you’re worried about the things a potential buyer may find, you can get a pre-sales inspection. This will help you find the necessary repairs.

Real Estate Experts

Selling a home with pets can be tricky. Keeping these tips for selling a home with pets in mind and you’ll prevent potential buyer turn-off! If you keep your home in show-ready condition, pet cleanup will be easy.

Home staging isn’t a bad idea when it comes to selling a home with pets. Check out our room-by-room home staging checklist to make sure you’re on the right track.

Some of the most important things you can do to prepare your home for sale are quick and easy. Buyers look at everything! They truly imagine themselves living in your property. Paying special attention to these areas will give your property noticeable results.

To hear firsthand from our clients about the power of staging your home, click here. For more information about preparing to sell your home and more home staging tips and insight into staging, contact us anytime at 919-813-6449 or [email protected]. Visit us online at