Selling a Home With Structural Issues


If you want to sell your home but it has structural issues, you have two options. Here’s what they are.


What should you do if you’re a homeowner who wants to sell but there’s a structural issue with your home? The question is, when did you find it? If you found the problem during the pre-sale inspection, either you go ahead and fix the issue, or you don’t repair it and disclose it to buyers. 


In North Carolina, we have a property disclosure form, and a structural issue is what we call a “material fact” that needs to be disclosed. Even if you have mended the problem, it’s best to disclose it and let potential buyers know how it was fixed because they’ll have confidence in both your house and you as the seller. 


I recently had a situation where we put a property under contract, and it was after the seller accepted the offer that they disclosed colossal structural problems with the home. That should have been disclosed up front.


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