How is Technology Changing the Real Estate Industry?

Technology brings change, in every area it’s used in. From education to business, technology has revolutionized our world. Even the real estate industry has benefited from technology’s reach. We’re so much more connected now, plugged into the internet for real-time updates and communication. It’s easy to be anywhere in the world because businesses can operate remotely, thanks to telecommuting and at-home opportunities.

The real estate industry is always moving forward, too. In part thanks to technology, but also because the desires of home owners and sellers are constantly changing or adapting. People don’t always want the same things in their homes that previous generations wanted. Trends indicate different things on today’s home-buying wish lists, and the market always has something new to share.

Technology is quickly changing industries, pretty rapidly affecting any business vertical you can imagine. How is technology changing the real estate industry, and how will it continue to affect the industry years in the future?

Changing the Face of Real Estate

Technology is an amazing tool. You can use it for research, personal development, or even simply use it for social media. In terms of realestate, consumers are delivered real-time information about houses, prices, trends, and more. Mobile technology provides people with immediate access to information in a way as revolutionary as the internet itself was.

Courtesy of Zillow

The sophisticated mobile devices we have now are changing the way we consume information. People can use their phones to check property information, receive updates through real estate apps like Zillow, and even keep up with real estate news.

Social media is another way the real estate industry is changing, and quickly. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all outlets information spreads from. Facebook offers business pages, where new listings of houses are shareable. LinkedIn offers the ability to reach out to other real estate professionals, and network. Instagram is a great platform to promote listings, grow business, and create a following or establish yourself as an industry authority. Thanks to social media, opportunities become endless and the possibilities are incredible.

Will Technology Change the Industry in the Future?

Computers are getting smarter every day. Artificial intelligence is on the horizon. “Bots” work to provide personalized information, dependent on your browsing activity. While it might sound strange at first, AI’s work like internet detectives, providing you with exactly what you need. Imagine this in terms of real estate. You’re looking to buy a house with three bedrooms in the $250,000 range. Your browsing activity directs this information to an AI, who can then provide you with the best options on the internet.

Bots or AI can help match you with the best real estate professional, for you. Using your information from social media, your location, preferences, and other information can be used to help you choose a real estate professional best suited for you.

Technology provides transparency and efficiency for buyers and sellers, coming to an agreement. Negotiating contracts or sales can be difficult, and even error prone. Technology can help reduce man made errors, and even streamline the transaction.

Virtual reality is another technological component to consider for the future. Imagine you’re at your real estate professional’s office, suited up with a virtual reality headset. You could tour houses, visit neighborhoods, and discover locations you’re not able to visit in person. It sincerely opens the world up to you, and offers you the ability to “try before you buy”. Exciting, right? You could find your dream home without even leaving the office.

Real Estate Experts

It’s easy to forget the importance of face-to-face contact, even in the real estate industry. Face-to-face meetings and communication both improve relationships between real estate professionals and home buyers or sellers. By using a mixture of technology and personal communication or meetings, we at Real Estate Experts work to provide the best client experience possible in the age of technology.

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