Will Triangle Home Values Rise with Google Fiber Coming?

January 26th, 2015 was a very important day for Triangle homeowners. Technology giant Google announced Google Fiber will be coming to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. At this point, we are in the early stages of the process as free high-speed internet access and affordable fiber optic cable TV will not be available to Triangle residents immediately. That said, Google Fiber coming to the area means there will be competition for Time Warner Cable, AT&T and other cable and Internet providers. 


It is well known that entrepreneurs and small business owners are willing to up and move their business to an area that is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. When it was announced that Google Fiber was coming to Kansas City a large number of small businesses relocated to the area. As one can imagine, if businesses are going to move to the Triangle it will only increase home values. If you have a home that is in the network path or you live in a fiberhood it will likely be the case that your home value will rise.

Google offers free high-speed Internet, after a $300 construction fee, to anyone that lives in the network path. This high-speed internet would cost around $40 or $50 a month with Time Warner Cable or AT&T U-Verse. If you multiply that out over five years ($40 x 60) you would save $2400. Not only would homeowners save the $2400 but they will have a high-speed internet connection that is much stronger for small business use. With more and more businesses using video, social media, and other Internet functions it is almost necessary to have a strong Internet connection at all time these days.

If you are in the market for a new home in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill now might be a great time to buy. If you wait until Google Fiber is available to Triangle residents you may have to pay a premium for your home. If you are looking to sell now might be the time to consider listing with Real Estate Experts. We will give you all the resources and market data you need to list your price for the optimal value.