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What’s a Mixed-Use Development?

What’s a Mixed-Use Development?

So, what is a mixed-use development, and where can I find them in the Triangle?

You’ve probably heard the term mixed-use development circulating in the news or in neighborhood newsletters. A mixed-use development blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or industrial uses. This blend is physically connected and “functionally integrated”, which is to say everything is interconnected, including walkways or pedestrian crossings. Kind of neat, right?

A great way to describe a mixed-use development is by taking a look at mountain resorts. If you’re going away skiing, most of the time the ski resort is located in a “village” that includes hotels, restaurants, shopping, and other amenities. Pretty useful, and efficient.

Moving forward, we’ll abbreviate mixed-use development with MUD.

MUDsWhat are the Benefits of a Mixed-Use Development?

There happens to be quite a number of benefits to MUDs. For starters, these areas are typically very pedestrian friendly. The presence of traffic still exists, but’s not quite as heavy.

By integrating retail, office, and residential space all in one, MUDs make good use of land they occupy. Why is this? The buildings and developments are used for more hours of the day and by more people, which is to say they are essentially multipurpose buildings. What a good way to be environmentally conscious. What’s more, is that MUDs make it possible for people to commute to work in different manners. Not everyone will need to have a car, and talk about a shorter commute!

Looking for less maintenance than a typical single-family home? A mixed-use development might be for you. They’re family friendly, they promote a social lifestyle, and MUDs also take away the need for the heavy duty maintenance single-family homes require.

One of the big reasons MUDs are beneficial in urban areas is that they provide access to commercial businesses for those who might not have access to them otherwise. Low income families can benefit greatly from MUDs, thanks to the pedestrian-friendly lifestyle and proximity to commercial businesses.

Check out this Mixed-Use Development Activity Report

So, you want to know what a MUD might look like in the project phase? Check out this activity report for Charterwood in Chapel Hill. Want to see another? North Estes Mixed-Use Development in Chapel Hill blends office space, retail space, and even housing space.

Although MUD isn’t a one-size-fits-all term, taking a look at these projects and applications will help you get a sense for the variety MUDs come in. One thing to be sure of, however, is that MUDs will have different parameters, requirements, and zoning laws in different states.

Where are the MUDs in the Triangle?

With all of the urban and suburban growth in the greater Triangle area, we’re starting to see MUDs pop up all over. From Cary to Chapel Hill, builders have been integrating social, commercial, and residential uses into their plans.

Cary is a great example of an urban and suburban area with crazy growth. Remember the Wegmans grocery store coming to Cary? Well, Wegmans is part of a mixed-use development that Columbia Development Group proposed. Their proposal included an amphitheater, green space, office and retail space, and even housing too. Don’t forget about Brier Chapel Commercial Development, either.

MUDs aren’t only in Cary or Chapel Hill though. They’re making their way to Holding Village in Wake Forest, Chatham Park in Chatham County, as well as North Hills mall in Raleigh.

Take a look at any of these neighborhoods for a sneak peak into an MUD in the Triangle area. Don’t forget to check out the featured listings while you’re there!

Woodcroft in Durham
Southern Village in Chapel Hill
Meadowmont in Chapel Hill
East 54 in Chapel Hill
Briar Chapel in Chapel Hill
Brier Creek in Morrisville
Chatham Park in Pittsboro

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When buying a home, even new construction, it is important to have a buyer’s agent. At Real Estate Experts, we are fierce representatives for our clients. We’re known as expert buyer agents so contact us and see how we can help you find just the home you are looking for.
I’m Looking at Buying New Construction, Do I Need An Agent?

I’m Looking at Buying New Construction, Do I Need An Agent?

New home construction is one of the ways the housing market is providing options to home buyers. Inventory has been low, which means new construction provides inventory. The Triangle itself is in the middle of a new construction boom.  In the first quarter of 2016, in Durham, the new construction housing went up 36% with 448 building permits issued. If that’s not an indicator of a new construction housing boom, what is?

need a buyer's agent

Move-in ready new construction in Raleigh

Builders are all but racing to fill the demand the housing market is seeing. In the Triangle, new construction is on the rise. Surely, you’ve seen the “move-in ready” or “prices starting in the mid-200s” signs beside new developments. The benefits of new construction are almost as numerous as the communities themselves. Builders offer warranties, there is no negotiation between owners, and the process is a bit more predictable.

Just because the process is predictable doesn’t mean you won’t need the guidance of a buyers agent! Without a realtor or buyers agent, your only guidance is from the builder themself.

Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent When Buying New Construction

This may be a surprise, but the why is the same for any circumstance you’d need a buyers agent in. Here’s a quick refresher on why working with a buyer’s agent is in your best interest:

  • A buyer’s agent works solely for you
  • They have your best interests at heart, committed to the buyer (not the seller!)
  • They can disclose more information, even the negatives of a property
  •  Not only are they skilled in back and forth negotiations, but buyer’s agents are committed to your best interests so they’ll protect your finances
  • They are legally obligated only to you, instead of to the seller as well

Buyer's Agent New Construction Annual Housing Report 2016Buyer’s agents are there to advocate for you. Ready to work with you as a team, buyer’s agents can make a world of difference in how smooth the process can be. Working with a builder means deadlines, schedules, paperwork, and financing. Some builders have a preferred lender; your buyer’s agent can help you negotiate incentives if the loan works for you. All of these facets of buying new construction are easier when you have someone working with you to get the best deal possible.

No company, or builder for that matter, actively wants to reduce their listing price on a home. It can negatively impact future business, as well as sales. Instead of reducing the price of a home, a buyer’s agent can help you save money in other areas. They’re experienced with the process, so they know to ask about closing costs, upgrades, or improvements on the home. Can you say buyer satisfaction?

Why Someone Might Opt Out of a Buyer’s Agent

There is some mythology out there about buyer’s agents. Especially when it comes to how they’re paid. Thinking you’ll have to pay the buyer’s agent can be a turn-off, but in reality you’re opting out of a helping hand. To protect your best interests, you need a buyer’s agent.

The seller pays the agent’s fee, regardless of whether it’s new construction or other home buying transactions. As a buyer, you won’t pay the buyer’s agent anything. That’s the job of the seller. Most builders will actually prefer working with a client who has a buyer’s agent, because they know the transaction will move along smoothly. Real estate professionals are a community, meaning the buyer’s agent and builder may work together again. Working with a buyer’s agent helps the transaction run smoothly for everyone.

Find Your Buyer’s Agent

When you’re getting ready to look at new construction homes, be sure to bring your buyer’s agent with you. Failing to do so will mean you’ve lost your chance to be represented by the buyer’s agent at the cost of the seller or builder. Bring your buyer’s agent with you when you visit the site, meet the builder, or look at the model homes.

Buying a new home is a little more difficult and time-consuming than buying a resale home. We can professionally guide you through this process. Having spent years working with builders, Team Jodi has a rapport with them and a database of information about subdivisions, floor plans, etc. Team Jodi  is also very familiar with new home warranties and the nuances of the builder’s purchase contracts and various home inspections.

At Real Estate Experts, we want to be your ally while you look for the best home for you.  You’re not getting an agent, you’re getting a team. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from financing to floor plans. Start to finish, we want to help you get into your new home.







Your Guide to West Rosemary Street Development

Your Guide to West Rosemary Street Development

Chapel Hill is a wonderful corner of the Triangle, filled to the brim with culture, fantastic food, and beautiful homes. But what if we told you there’s a development project in the works to better this lovely town?

West Rosemary Street Development Project Information

Overall, the project is going to create a “commercial and economic development vision for the West Rosemary Street area. The vision hopes to be practical from a marketing perspective and consistent with the vision of the Northside Neighborhood Conservation District”, according to the Development Guide.

The Development Guide offers parameters for commercial and economic development that’s aligned with the Northside Neighborhood Conservation District. By encouraging the diverse community to work together, the town of Chapel Hill hopes to create not only a better community, but a forward thinking and progressive downtown.

After months of work, drafts of the Development Guide are ready to be proposed to the Chapel Hill Town Council. The proposal includes the range of the community benefits, which are huge!

The Most Recent Draft of the Proposal

Firstly, the proposal includes solutions to community-based issues such as the maintenance of storm water drainage, adequacy of street lighting, condition of sidewalks, and other various community projects. The proposal then heads in a different direction, outlining how the project will encourage and welcome local as well as minority-owned businesses. West Rosemary Street Development Guide defines how they will welcome small businesses by creating shared office spaces which reinforce the small scale character of Chapel Hill.

Affordable housing, proposed by the Development Guide, will restrict some student housing. Housing may be limited to renters 21 years and above. Alongside this, the town will evaluate policies that may act as barriers in affordable housing, such as development fees. Home-ownership is outlined, too. The project indicates usage of town-owned land in order to develop new homes, and provide sponsorship for new home creation.

The project will also begin a campaign to highlight the cultural identity of the “corridor”. A cultural center location will be determined, and a Cultural Resource Plan will be developed in order to preserve the cultural identity of the area.

Building the West Rosemary Street Development Corridor

There are several suggested steps to implement the West Rosemary Street Development Guide. These suggested steps are mainly under the responsibility of the Town of Chapel Hill.

First, on the implementation agenda, is creating a cultural resources plan. Following the plan comes considerable studies to understand the West Rosemary Street corridor better. Studies might include Residential Permit Parking study, or Franklin Street Connectors. Then the Town will begin to work within zoning. A Community Benefits Agreement will be created, too. This is in order to bring together the “community benefits” discussed earlier within the Development Guide.

The implementation plan will conclude with traffic and safety improvements, street lighting, and other associated improvement projects. Additional private and public development projects will be encouraged, too.

For more information about the implementation of the West Rosemary Street Development Plan, click here.

Bolin CreekInterested in Learning More?

There are many resources you can turn to if you’d like more information on the West Rosemary Street Development Guide.  You can contact Jay Heikes, Development Planner (919)-969-5082 or [email protected] . The other resources below can also be of use in learning more about this project:

There are a number of neighborhoods, communities, and subdivisions located in Chapel Hill, surrounding downtown and West Rosemary Street.

If you are interested in learning about the neighborhoods surrounding downtown Chapel Hill and other properties in the greater Triangle area, visit us online.  Call us today at 919-813-6449 or e-mail us at
[email protected] for additional information.  We can’t wait to welcome you to your new home.


Neighborhood Spotlight: Corbinton in Hillsborough, NC

Neighborhood Spotlight: Corbinton in Hillsborough, NC

Hillsborough is home to a new active adult community, Corbinton, which is located conveniently between Durham, Chapel Hill, and Greensboro, with easy access to Raleigh and Research Triangle Park. Corbinton was thoughtfully designed as a community where older adults can stay active and engaged with their neighbors, with custom-designed homes, a community center, walking trails, community gardens, and a dog park.




Homes For Sale in Corbinton

Corbinton offers a variety of housing options built by Quakenbush Homes, including single-family homes, row homes, and duplexes. Homes in Corbinton range from 1,644 to 2,024 square feet. Traditional stand-alone family homes start at $340,000, while duplexes start at just $290,000.

Quackenbush Homes

The exteriors of the homes are modeled after the lovely historic homes of Hillsborough, with accents of stone and brick. Inside, the homes offer open floor plans suited to first-floor living, which enables homeowners to avoid having to navigate stairs constantly during the day. All homes include two-car garages, backyard porches, and plenty of storage. Corbinton even provides lawn maintenance for its residents!

Homes For Sale in Corbinton are Energy Efficient

Quakenbush Homes has also kept energy efficiency in mind. Homes in Corbinton include an energy saving insulation package, an efficient 14-SEER central A/C, and energy efficient vinyl single hung windows, among other features.

Things to Do in Hillsborough, NC

Besides all of Hillsborough Farmers Marketthe attractions within the community, Corbinton is within walking distance of downtown Hillsborough, providing residents with a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of all this historic and lively area has to offer. This unique town is a hub for artists, writers, and musicians, and is home to the Orange County Artists Guild, a non-profit organization of artists supporting artists. You will enjoy dining at farm-to-table restaurants offering exceptional cuisine, shopping at independent book stores and local artisan retailers, or visiting the beautiful Riverwalk at Eno River.

The Hillsborough Farmers Market is a foodie favorite, where you get the chance to meet your local farmers, bakers, and crafters, while buying fresh, locally produced food. For the art lover, the Last Fridays Art Walk is not to be missed. This event, held on the last Friday of each month from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, showcases the talents of local artists in participating galleries and businesses throughout downtown.

Healthcare in Hillsborough

UNC Hospital’s Hillsborough campus provides integrated and convenient healthcare. The campus is a brand-new community hospital which is an extension of UNC Medical Center, focusing on many elective surgical programs, such as Joint Replacement, Spine, Ophthalmology, Urology, Benign Gynecology, and General Surgery. The 68-bed facility combines a community hospital culture with the innovative procedures and care for which the UNC Medical Center is known.

If you are interested in learning about other 55+, or active adult communities, in Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Cary and the surrounding area, visit us online or give us a call today at 919-813-6449 or send us an email to  [email protected] for additional information.  

When buying a home, even new construction, it is important to have a buyers agent. At Real Estate Experts, we are fierce representative for our clients and known as expert buyer agents.  Contact us and see how we can help you find just the home you are looking for.
Neighborhood Spotlight: The Courtyards at Andrews Chapel

Neighborhood Spotlight: The Courtyards at Andrews Chapel

The Courtyards at Andrews Chapel

Yet another excellent 55+ community has come to the Triangle! The Courtyards at Andrews Chapel, located off Leesville Road in Durham, is a brand-new Epcon Community now selling. This active adult community is just a short drive from all the amenities of downtown Durham, while providing a quiet, private neighborhood retreat for its residents.

The Courtyards at Andrews Chapel features 120 maintenance-free, ranch-style homes, available in three models featuring open floor plans with plenty of space and natural light. Homes range in size from approximately 1,519 to 2,769 square feet and range in starting price from $355,400-$384,000. Three home models are available which include amenities such as two-car garages, gourmet kitchens, private outdoor courtyards with optional screened porch, and plenty of storage space.


Community Features

The community features a “Grand Clubhouse” as its centerpiece for social, recreational, and fitness activities. Residents enjoy resort-style amenities within walking distance of their homes. A clubhouse, swimming pool, gazebo, ponds, and greenspace with dense populations of mature trees can be enjoyed throughout the community grounds.

The Courtyards at Andrews Chapel

The Courtyards at Andrews Chapel was developed by Epcon Communities, a builder that has been in business since 1986, specializing in integrating smart, innovative designs with the best in modern amenities. Epcon homes are particularly attractive to empty-nesters and seniors who are looking for maintenance-free, comfortable living. Residents can enjoy owning their own home without the upkeep of exterior maintenance. Epcon homeownership includes a professional association that handles your home’s exterior upkeep, including yard work, landscaping, and more.

Durham North Carolina

The Courtyards at Andrews Chapel is just a short drive from all the excitement of Downtown Durham, where you can enjoy more than 75 amazing restaurants and food trucks. In fact, Durham has received national accolades for its foodie scene from the New York Times, Southern Living, Bon Appetit and many more! With unique bakeries, farm-to-table restaurants, and craft breweries, there’s something for every taste. If you love to shop, you will never get bored exploring downtown Durham’s craft boutiques, gift shops, art galleries, and clothing establishments. Of course, you can also enjoy the best in fine arts at the Durham Performing Arts Center or Carolina Theatre, and sit back and enjoy the ballgame during the Durham Bulls’ playing season.

If you are interested in learning more about this great community in Durham, give us a call today at 919-813-6449 or send us an email to  [email protected]. Visit us online at

Neighborhood Spotlight: Holding Village

Neighborhood Spotlight: Holding Village

Amenities at Holding VillageImagine a nostalgic village–where neighbors live in true community with nature and each other–that includes natural walking trails, plenty of green space, and safe, open areas for kids to explore and play outside. The 259-acre neighborhood, Holding Village in Wake Forest, NC offers all of this and more to its residents.

Rich in history, Holding Village is built on the site of a former dairy farm owned by the Holding family, who were instrumental in the establishment of the town of Wake Forest between 1880-1920. The Holding family also owned a drugstore and bank, and co-founded the Royal Cotton Mill.

Holding Village Lake and Pool

Holding Village features a 13-acre, spring-fed lake as its centerpiece.  With an emphasis on simple, healthy living, Holding Village features a wide range of amenities that promote quality family time in nature, like a swimming pool and play area overlooking the lake, a multipurpose ball field, miles of walking trails, relaxing pocket parks, and over 35 acres of open green space. In addition, a planned Village Center will allow for unique shopping and dining opportunities right inside the community.

Holding Village Neighborhood Details

Holding Village Builder Team

Homes in Holding Village are built by Ashton Woods, John Wieland, and Drees Homes, and range from 1,800 square feet to 3,500 square feet, with a multitude of floor plans and architectural designs.

Holding Village Builder Team

Although it feels as if you have stepped back in time in this nostalgic village, residents enjoy all the benefits of staying connected. Holding Village is proud to be a 1G community and offers state-of-the-art “Fiber to the Forest” technology to all homes. The Village provides in-home 1G internet connections by CenturyLink. With over 222,000 miles of fiber-optic cable, CenturyLink’s national network is built to deliver fast, consistent speed.

Wake Forest enjoys a reputation as one of the best places in the Triangle region to enjoy a small-town community environment and raise a family, while enjoying close proximity to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill via 540. Wake Forest hosts small-town community events and festivals such as a farmers’ market, Meet in the Street, Art After Hours, HerbFest, and a Christmas Parade. Holding Village enjoys a prime location just south of downtown Wake Forest and accessible to Smith Creek Soccer Center by greenway trail. Holding Village residents are in the Wake Forest school district, which features excellent neighborhood schools. Heritage Elementary School will be accessible by greenway in 2017.

You will have an Holding Village Fall Openingopportunity to check out Holding Village for yourself on Saturday, October 15, the final weekend of the Parade of Homes! Holding Village will hold a free Fall Festival from 1:00-4:00 pm, featuring music from a live DJ, and crafts for the kids with Durham’s Scrap Exchange. Enjoy cupcakes from Sweet Stacey Cakes food truck, Smiles, and fresh apple cider from Bella Bean Organics. Families will have the opportunity to tour the community’s four model homes. With welcoming front porches, open floor plans, and large windows to let in natural light, the homes at Holding Village must been seen to be appreciated.

For more information about Holding Village and available homes, give us a call today at 919-813-6449 or send us an email to  [email protected]. Visit us online at